Tina hurried towards her street, she hoped her father was not home so she could just lock herself in her room till she was able to deal with his scolding. She didn’t mean to ditch him and leave her duties, but all her friends were going to watch the concert and she couldn’t miss that, besides all she was going to do was sit all day and count goods over and over again, and calculate profits and loss. It ย wasn’t even her business, it was her father’s yet she did all the work, so she decided she needed to take a break.

She slowed down as she approached the house, if she tried to run at this point she might slip and hurt herself, she had had enough experience with the bad road and had lost many shoes to it. She wasn’t ready to cut this sandal too.

The formerly white painted building was now worn out, with the paint washed off, it looked brownish and was not presentable at all. The roof was rusted with holes almost everywhere, ย and the gate was no longer there. She wasn’t sure if there was a gate there in the first place. Tina never showed her friends her house because she was ashamed of it, she wasn’t going to embarrass herself.

She slowly walked into the compound to find her neighbours Mr and Mrs Jeremiah standing at the front yard, they looked sober and none of them could look her in the eyes. she walked past them a little perplexed and got into the house to see more of her neighbours in the sitting room, some of them sobbed quietly, others just shook their heads.

” Uhh. . .is everything alright?” She asked but no one responded, she went further into the house “Daddy! ! ! Daddy! ! ! ” She yelled running up the stairs. she got to her father’s room and dropped to her knees at the sight that welcomed her, she shook her head with disbelief as the tears started to flow down her cheek uncontrollably ” No! no! How? What is this?” She crawledtowards the still, stiff, cold, lifeless body of her father, he had a bullet wound at his chest. She shook him violently, touching his face and hands, his skin was pale and felt cold. Mr. Peter (her father’s neighbour in the market)walked into the room and pulled her away from the body as she screamed, her chest hurt,her body felt like weak, it felt like she was being stabbed in the heart multiple times.

Tina shivered uncontrollably as her brain tried to process the situation . she used her hands to hold her head as she looked around helplessly.

“You need to calm down, Tina” Mr. Peter tried to get her attention, but to no avail. “Tina, Tina listen to me” Tina looked into his eyes, her eyes were blood shot red, she seemed distorted, angry, sad, a display of mixed emotions were plastered on her face.

“L…li…listen to you? what are you going to say? How did this happen? My father is dead . what else are you going to say? ” Mr. Peter had never seen her this distraught. “How did this happen?” She whispered, searching his eyes expectantly.

“There was so. .. some sort of raid in the… in the… market and some men started shooting everyone at random, they g…go…got into stores and killed whoever they found, they…the…they got in…in..into your father’s store and….and…and shot him.” Mr. Peter explained calmly stammering a little, he had a look of despair as he spoke.

“This is all my fault.” Tina whispered as a look of realisation flashed over her facial expression.

“No , don’t say that ” Mr. Peter felt sorry for her.

“I was supposed to be in the market, but I went out with my friends, and now see what has happened, it should have been me, not him. . . ” she started to sob, tears streamed down her eyes. She laid ย down on the ground drowning in her tears. ” It’s all my fault” she muttered repeatedly.


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