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Before I start this article I would like to officially wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!!! God loves you, have an awesome year ahead.😊

Okay my previous article ‘PAIN-I’ was just a short story, a kind of intro for you to understand what we are about to discuss.

I wonder what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘pain’ but there are many definitions of pain.

Pain is (1) a physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury (2) a distressing feeling experienced emotionally by a person that has had a traumatic experience or has been hurt in one way or another.

Let us look into the life of the girl in our story, Tina. Tina had already lost her mother earlier, and her father was all she had left, it was so evident that they were struggling and going through so much to the point that she is ashamed of her own home. Imaging the emotional trauma she must be going through to find out the only person  she had in life is dead.

At some points in our life we have experienced pain either in the formerly of loss, hurt, rejection, failure etc. And we hardly ever find someone that understands these emotions, someone we can talk to about it. People are given false hope with the expression “time heals all wound” i feel that is not completely true.

Time may help you adapt, make it easier for you to control or handle, or give you reason to be strong and move on, but it does not eliminate the feeling you get from the memories completely. There is always going to be that slight sting, that pieircing reminder of all that cause you heart ache.

Although we have concluded that we all can feel pain (unless you don’t have a heart or are just made of stone) we also have to understand that not every one is good at handling pain. From Tina’s story there are two ways her life can end: either she struggles, works hard and uses that pain to motivate her to greatness, or she dwells in her sorrow and drowns herself with negative thoughts which might scare her, causing her to fall into depression, paranoia and in the end committing suicide.

So we are going to list some ways in which one can cope with pain:

(1) Ask for help. Don’t be ashamed or feel awkward to go to someone for help. If you feel Noone around you is willing to listen, seek professional help.

(2) Find a hobby or form of distraction. Exercise,  read novels, write journals, go into photography, take swimming lessons, play video games, take yoga classes. Do anything that gives you peace of mind or happiness, use that as a form of distraction.

(3) Join or volunteer into something productive. Charity organizations, community service or volunteer work can not only give you peace of mind and satisfaction as you help others in time of need, but can also keep you busy, active and fit.

(4)Find other ways to comfort yourself. I would always advice that a person turns to God in their time of need. When you feel everything is going downhill he is there, just trust in him, study his word ( Job 22:21 Acquaint thyself with him (God), and be at peace thereby good shall come unto thee)

(5)Avoid things that remind you of that traumatic event.  If it’s a house- move out, if it’s a book- give it out, if it’s a picture or an album – put them away till you feel they do not have any negative effect on you. Don’t be in a place or be around anything that is a constant reminder of what causes you pain

(6)Talk about it, express emotions, cry, allow yourself to grieve. Grieve,  it is natural. Don’t be ashamed to cry and show emotion. If you can’t cry, it is okay as long as you are not bottling up those emotions. Write, draw, talk, sing about how you feel. Just don’t hold back

(7) Do things or be around people that make you happy. If you meet someone that gives you joy, be around them. If it’s a club you joined, be active. Whatever gives you peace or makes you happy do it. It helps you adapt.



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