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7 Things Guys Do That Creep Girls Out

Okay, okay lets get real. Girls, there is always that one guy that creeps you out (may be more than one), and sometimes it might just be that he has a crush on you, or a thing for you but shows it in a very weird way.

And guys, no offence but lately all of you seem to be a lot more creepy, yet you don’t know that you are seriously freaking the girls out. The sad part is you might just be a nice person, who ends up making wrong choices and ended up pushing girls away from you. So this article is just to give you my seven top most creepy things that guys tend to do. Guys!!! Please learn from your mistake.

(1) PHYSICAL CONTACT.  I cannot begin to stress this enough cause personally this is a major turn off for me. I DO NOT like the idea of being touched unnecessarily, at all. The worst case scenario is if we probably met a few days, or a few hours ago and you start touching my hair and face and….NO!!! Just no!! Please try as much as possible to keep your hands to yourself at least until you reach a certain level of degree in your friendship or relationship.

(2) INVASION OF PERSONAL SPACE.  Honestly, i prefer the touching to this. Dude, why are you getting all up in my space? Imagine having a normal conversation with a guy and suddenly he starts moving closer for no reason and probably sniffs your hair, I would slap you silly. If I considered you a responsible human being I can be safe around , at that point you’ve gone from 100-0.

(3)CAT-CALLING.Screenshot_2016-01-11-01-36-03-1.png Hmm….how do i put this? Okay let me give you a scenario.

A group of girls returning from a social gathering walk past a group of guys on the street, and this happens;

Guy 1: *whistles* wwhhoooohhh!!! damnn baby, nice legs..

Guy 2: Sup sexy ladies, nice looking bods…*winks*

Girl 1: (whispers to girl 1) omg these guys are so annoying

Girl 2: i know, right? I hate this, lets get out of here

Girls 1& 2 walk faster than usual.

Basically, cat-calling is making sexual jaunters, whistles or calls aimed at the females a male may have just seen for the first time. It is wrong, it is objectifying, it does not speak good of you as a male. What if she was your sister? Or if your dad talked to your mum like that, do you think you would exist? Yeah, think on thatScreenshot_2016-01-11-01-36-49-1.png

(4)GETTING THE WRONG SIGNALS. Technically this is when a guy does not know when to stop, or dial it down a bit. If you ask a girl out and she says no, rather than become a pest and keep bothering her, try and find out why she said no. And I don’t mean ask her stupid questions like if she said no because she hates you, or thinks you are not good enough, or if there is something wrong with you. Don’t do that, you’re just showing how insecure and desperate you are…and that will push her further away. Try to be her best friend, that way she will be comfortable with telling you if she doesn’t like anything about you, making it easier for you to correct them. If she says no, its noScreenshot_2016-01-11-01-37-26-1

(5)STARING AT HER. I know most people say that if a guy stares you a lot that it means he likes you. That is funny, that is just so funny. I get that, I get it and all but come on, when it gets to the point that the person you are staring at knows you are staring and has this scared, confused look, please stop, just stop…that right there is Creepy 101. Try being subtle, and try not to make her uncomfortable. Take your eyes off her for a while.

(6)PRETENDING TO LIKE EVERYTHING SHE LIKES. This is not so common, but it still happens. I mean no one is that perfect, some girls may want to believe that their perfect 100% match is out there waiting for them, but we all know how that turns out ( repetition of disappointment and heart break). So the least you can do is be genuine with this girl, don’t base a relationship on lies, it helps no one.

(7)AWKWARD, EXCESSIVE COMPLIMENTS.  Girls, there is always that ONE guy. Guys, don’t be that guy. Giving a girl a compliment, or appreciating something nice about her is very good, it means you notice the little things about her. Now if the guy starts throwing out compliments over and over again, at a point it seems weird, fake, and like he just wants to gain something from her, or he is trying too hard. Dude at that point you reek of desperation, so stop doing that to yourself, don’t be THAT guy…Screenshot_2016-01-11-01-45-05-1.png

Thank you all so much for reading this article…took me all night to write this, my back hurts a lot. Anyways I’d like to say that this is just my opinion on the topic based on observations and experience. No one should take this the wrong way, we’re all just having fun. Girls if you feel there are more things I left out that guys normally do that creep you out, please leave a comment below and share your ideas.  Thanks again for reading. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog. Have an awesome week…



Article written by

Promise Otu Ita Toyo (Teen spirit)


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