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How To Be Sociable- An Introvert’s Guide

Screenshot_2016-01-13-08-05-49-1.pngThere are so many stereotypes attached to people who are introverts. And I’m only listing a few.(1) They are anti-social  (2) They are rude (3)They are snobs  (4)They hate people (5)They are weird. And it’s bad that people label them this way without getting to know them or just cause of their quiet, reserved nature.

The truth is introverts are thoughtful, reserved and observant. They have time to think alot, and that makes them very knowledgeable. They are also very good listeners. Basically, for most introverts, the attribute of being sociable and outgoing is like a plague for them. Have no fear amazing introverts, Promise is here to help😊.

After a series of interview and research, I have come up with a few tips on how an introvert can still appear to be sociable without changing who they are, and still end up being comfortable.

(1)GET COMFORTABLE. Funny enough, everyone can relate to this, including me. Let’s look at it this way: in what scenario would you expect a person to be more comfortable in? (A) When they are meeting a group of people for the first time or going for an important meeting or interview.  (B)When they are with the family for thanks giving and their childhood friends are also there.

I don’t know about you but I would be more comfortable in scenario (B). This is because you are familiar with these people and comfortable around them, and you know that even if you make a mistake they may just tease you about it and move on. Apply this to daily interactions, find the people you can adapt to easily and just be around them.

(2) JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. Just talk! Just say something. If you have no idea about what the conversation is about, then ask questions. I’m not asking you to ramble on like you own the place, just every now and then try to say something, and put in your own ideas. This will make people find you interesting, because they realise you always know when to speak and you always say things that are actually, pretty smart.Sooner or later they will get used to fact the fact that you are not so out spoken.

(3) GET THE HELP OF AN EXTROVERT. This is one of theach reasons why you should have atleast one extrovert as a friend. When you’re at a social gathering together, he or she will take the load of meeting new people of your chest. They can take care of all the necessary introductions and leave you with the talking part.That way you can make friends without even saying too much.

(4)TAKE A BREAK. Talking to a bunch of random people all at once can be really stressful for you, so just find a place that is quiet and serene (can be a bathroom stall or a secret hideout😉) and calm yourself, relax and ruminate. Doing this will help you pace yourself, so you don’t freak out. This way you balance your level of interaction with people to your liking, and you still get time to yourself.

(5) PRACTICE!!! Try simple things like saying hi to atleast two random people daily, try speaking to someone without the help of anyone, leave your comfort zone and just get familiar with what you won’t do on a regular basis. It makes it so much easier.

(6)KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. People have different preferences when it comes to making friends and having relationships. Some people prefer being spread out and having multiple casual friends. Some people prefer having few, but really close friends. Find out which works for you so you know how your interactions with people should be, and you know what type of people you want to be around.

(7)BE YOURSELF. I know this is kind of contradictory, because here I am giving you ideas on how to be more outgoing. And I end it by telling you to not try at all. Well, honestly I like introverts cause when you have a one on one discussion with them, you always learn something new….they are just so thoughtful!!  And no matter who you are or how you act, there is always someone that will appreciate every bit of you. Besides most introverts are like that because they have probably never met anyone that thinks like them or they just feel that no one can understand them or their thoughts, so they end up keeping things to themselves. So just be yourself and the right person will definitely come around😊😊😊.


These are just a few of my tips and ideas on how to just be sociable, even as an introvert. I hope they are really helpful. If you have any more tips that you think are also helpful and I left out, don’t forget to leave a comment. Have a nice day😊.

Article by 💓 Promise Toyo💓


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