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Things Girls Do That Turn Guys Off

Greetings people of earth, and aliens (just in case an alien is reading this). It has been a while, I missed you all so much….Its February!!! Oh My Darlings, I see great things this month of February, you all should spread the love this month of February. Do something nice- give to the poor, be nice, forgive anyone that offended you last month, spend time with your family, tell your parents you love them, this month is not just about romantic relationships.

Okay Promilators, I feel like I have been too serious and all gloomy, talking about pain, stress, and I am all for joy, happiness, fun, besides it is the month of love (is that a thing?). So, I decided to make this month my top list month, and I am starting with the top ten things girls do that turn guys off. I did my research, and here are the crucial top ten.

FIGHTING, CURSING IN PUBLIC. No one likes a person that argues a lot, or can not control their tongue-that is a lot of negative energy, especially in public, that is like a no-go area. As a girl, lady, chick, woman, tolerance is key. No matter how arrogant the talkative boy is and no matter how much you want to set his head on fire, the harder yet better way to do things is to ignore him and just walk away. That way he ends up looking like the fool. And you do not loose any amount of respect you had.

NAGGING. Nobody is perfect, but do not be the one to remind them of that. Do not nag a guy on what he is supposed to do or not, if you must tell him, do it in a nice, convincing way. If all the nagging he got from his mum did not change him or make him better, trust me you can’t.

TMI. TMI- Too Much Information. Don’t, please, please don’t do this. If you are not yet close with a person, do not go around telling him your worries and deep dark secrets. That stuff can be scary. Even if he is just a friend, some things should not just be said.

DRUNK IN PUBLIC. Not only is this dangerous, it is also embarrassing, and demeaning for a female. You can go out and drink, but do it wisely, and in moderation. Try and be sane at all times so you know what is going on around you. That way you won’t wake up the next day in your own vomit, on a street you do not recognize.

TOO CLINGY. Have some self control. You might like this guy and you’re worried the hot, smart girl in his department might have him before you even get a chance. That is no reason to throw all dignity away and become a leech. Stalking him, following him , planning your future when you are just friends, is clingy. Taking excess pictures of him and covering it up with the idea of keeping memories (we all know why you take those pictures). Do not do that, just let nature take its course.

INSECURITIES. Everyone has something they are ashamed of, everyone has insecurities. Do not highlight your insecurities, it shows lack of self-esteem. Such a person will appear inferior, like they have no confidence. How do you expect anyone to appreciate you if you do not appreciate yourself? Plus it will be so weird to talk about how ugly, or how pale you look.


SEEMING INDIFFERENT. Being in your own world, ignoring a person who is trying to have a conversation with you, or seeming busy is a MAJOR turn off. When a person talks to you and you barely respond or keep the conversation going, it gives the idea that you are not interested in the conversation or you do not want them around. Try talking.

STEREOTYPES. This is hurtful to both male and female. Not all guys are the same. They are different human beings, and have different likes and interests. For instance, not all guys are into sports, and not all guys are into video games. Everyone is different, that is what makes them unique.

PLAYING DUMB. I find this really sad, that a girl will feel the need to act dumb just to seem cute. No one is into that anymore, except they want to take advantage of you. Most guys actually said they like a girl that can keep a conversation going and has ideas about things that are important, someone that can bring her on view on a topic, and is also educated.

WEARING TOO MUCH PERFUME. Uhh….so apparently, some people hate perfumes. Guys want to be able to breathe when they are around you. Heck, I want to be able to breathe around you, I don’t want to fear for my life when I am sitting next to you. I think this applies for everyone. You can use perfumes, but try not to choke people with it, just bathe regularly, be clean and some days you won’t even need to use a perfume.

Okay, darlings these are my top ten turn off for guys, if there is any thing you feel I forgot to add, leave a comment below on what girls do that turn you off, girls you can do the same for guys. Personally, I am all for being the best you can be and no matter how many flaws you have, if someone likes you, they will like you for you. Thank you all for your support, I appreciate the time taken. I want to use this medium to announce my up coming Artisodes (article & episodes)- it is like a short story broken into episodes. I hope you all like it. Have a great week!!!


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