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How can I trust in love, when all I see is conflict and hurt

How can I be myself, when all I know is what is expected of me

How can I be confident, when all people see when they look at me is a label

How can I be strong, when I am at war with more than just myself

How can I feel beautiful, when standards have been set by society

Society, with its deceit, judgment and prejudice, pains

Society, telling me I am free, yet I am bounded in chains

Chains, they use to divide us, chains created out of nothing but their desire to control us

Control, the mind, thoughts, defining men and women

Women, labeled by how tight or loose their blouse is

Labeled for the length of the skirt, dress, how long or how short

Labeled weak for just being born, being seen as fair game for mockery without a choice or thought

Forced to be the model in the pages of the magazines

Forced to limit themselves to what society feels they deserve or what it please

Forced to lower the standards for men not willing to strive to meet those standards


How can I trust, when betrayal looks me in the eyes, all in the name of family, and friendship

How do I know what is right, when Noone chooses to identify what is wrong, I’m in too deep

How can I be sure of a future for my children, when I always have to look over my shoulder

How do I accept myself, when my own rejects me, it gets hard as I get older

My heart ponders, unsure, confusion expanding as it seeps into my soul

Living outside my body, scared to live within, fear of being merged with weakness

But to find answers I must fight, even when I don’t know who I’m at war with, or why I’m in this mess

Fight, even when the battle is within, and I could lose both ways

Fight, cause giving up cannot be a choice when others succeed, putting failure in its place

Fight, to show society that I make them, they don’t make me

Fight. Fight I will, but how?

~~Promise Toyo




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