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5 Struggles Nigerians Born On A Leap Year Understand.

Hi Prominators (seriously, i need to know if you guys like that name), how is everyone doing? Well February was a good month, hope it was awesome for you guys. School has been keeping me busy, but nothing can stop me from writing, cause the fact that you take your time to read this inspires me. In with the new, out with the old.

I just want to officially wish you all a happy new month, and happy birthdays to those March babies. You can comment your birthday or send me a message on my face book page- TEEN Spirit for a shout out!!! Speaking of birthdays, yesterday a friend of mine celebrated his. Yes, he is born on a leap year. So I guess he sort of motivated me to write this article, I hope you like it.

1.When you tell someone your birthday and they start laughing or think you are lying.

See this one ooo, what is funny? Because I have nothing better to lie about.disgust.gif



2.When people will not stop making jokes about your age, and that you are still a kid.

*20th birthday*

Random friend: Happy birthday, so how does it feel to finally be five years old, legally you should not even be driving. Hahahahaha…..

ME: So in your mind now its funny

kanye not funny memes.jpg

3.When your one-in-four-years birthday falls on a Monday.

Nawa ooo, is it a curse?

frustrated lady screams.gif

4.That moment your birthday is almost over and you realize you have to wait four more years for it. You decide to blame the only people you can-your parents.

So you couldn’t just wait? I don’t know where they are rushing to.


5.Then your birthday finally ends, and it feels like you have to wait for eternity for the next one.

Why me?

sad old woman.jpg

So, my lovelies that is it for now. I have exams next week so I have to study, will still do my best to post more often, don’t worry I have not gotten lazy…yet. Have an awesome week, and God bless. Please don’t forget to like comment and share to your friends and family. The more the merrier…


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