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Top 5 Reasons To Treat Every One Nicely

Sally could not get the memory of last night out of her head, it kept coming back every few seconds. How could her mother defend the maid? What else is she paid for if not to clean? And all Sally’s mother could do was stand there and yell at her telling her she is mean? To worsen it she had to bring the christian thing into it, how is it God’s fault that the maid decided not to clean Sally’s room before she came home from school? Saying that she should learn to be nice to everyone no matter what!!

“Arrrgghhh!!!!!!” She slammed her fist on the table, as the pencil she was holding broke into half.

” Is there something you would like to share with the class, miss Anderson?” The teacher’s voice jerked her backed to reality as she was now aware of where she was. Sally looked around, the whole class was staring at her, even that annoying troll that walks around this school, Jacob, was looking at her. Sally saw him as nothing more than a menace, what type of mother lets her son act and dress the way he does?

She shifted her attention back to the teacher, who adjusted her glasses “No Mrs. Chapman, sorry” she lowered her head as the teacher continued the lecture.

She hated Jacob, he was arrogant and had a carefree attitude, he was a burden to this school…the only reason he was probably still here is because of his grades.

“Get out of my way filthy beings!!” Sally yelled as she walked through the hallway towards the cafeteria. Her friends Riley and Savannah were right beside her. Finally she got to the door, but in her haste she bumped into Jacob, who stumbled back quickly.

“Are you blind?! Or don’t you speak English?!!” She gave him a hard stare…despite the mighty heels she wore he still towered above her.

“Look Sally I don’t want any trouble, I apologize for bumping into you, I was in a haste ” Jacob said gaining his stance

“Of course you were, who else would be in so much hurry except the school’s scavenger!!” She mocked as her friends laughed heartily. She saw the veins on his neck as he gritted his teeth, his hands were clenched into tight fists.

Not wanting to waste any more time she walked past him, and walked through the door leading to the cafeteria.


Sally didn’t go home that day, she was not ready to deal with her mother and her lecture. She had spent the rest of the afternoon at Savannah’s house. It was getting late, and she was a little hungry so on the walk home she decided to stop at a store. She had never been in these parts of town, but her GPS pointed her towards this direction if she wanted to get home.

She walked quickly, the heels doing nothing but slow her down. The streetlights were either dim or not working at all, she could barely see where she was going. She noticed some figures on a corner of the street, some sat on the floor, others leaning against the wall, she could barely see their faces and they seemed to be in a deep conversation until she walked by.

“Where are you going princess?..” One of them yelled at her, he left the group and started following her, soon the whole group was behind her, the smell of garbage filled the air, and Sally wasn’t sure where it was coming from. She walked faster, but tried to be careful as her heels kept getting caught in the bad road “That’s a nice bag you got on you…”

His voice startled her, he was literally right behind her, his smoke filled the air. The strong smell of burnt weed chocked her, she stopped in her heels as two of the men appeared from an ally right in front of her. She started panting, fear gripping her entire being, and suddenly she was yanked backwards, her bag pulling at her.

“I’m talking to you princess” the raspy voice of the man gave her shivers as he threw her to the ground, her phone fell to the hard ground and in one second the other man picked it up excitedly “isn’t this one of them Iphones?” He yelled admiring the object, before shifting his attention back to her. Soon the four of them surrounded her.

“Please don’t hurt me…” she sobbed as they closed in on her.

“Leave her alone Murphy!!” A strong voice yelled right outside the group as the leader was pulled out of the circle they had formed around her.

“Get your hands of me Jacob!!” Murphy shrugged his shoulder pushing Jacob’s hand aside “this is none of your business….so why don’t you run along to your work or house, and do something nice for your mother” He said as a smirk spread across his face “Oh that’s right, you don’t have a mother…..oh well, maybe that excuse of a man you call your father would have something for you.”

Sally saw the anger that lit up his eyes, he looked away and suddenly sadness enveloped him. “I don’t have time for this Murphy” He said with a sigh, then motioned towards Sally “Get up, we’re leaving” He said as she quickly got to her feet and flung her bag over her shoulder.

She slowly approached Jacob and with one swift movement she grabbed her phone from one of the men, he lunged at her but she fled behind Jacob who spread out his arms protectively “hey, hey, hey!!!…. everyone should calm down” He yelled, turning his neck slightly “take off your shoes, your life may depend on it” he barely whispered to Sally…without hesitation she complied.

“I’m not done with you, Princess!!!” Murphy lunged forward and with a swift move Jacob’s fist collided with his jaw, he stumbled backward and his friends ran towards him. That was all the distraction Jacob needed as he yelled “Run!!”. He yanked Sally, pulling her by the arm, as they ran out of sight, the men followed for a while till they lost them.

“OMG….for a second I thought I was dead, my life literally flashed before my very eyes” Sally said her voice barely louder than a whisper as she panted.

“Nah, that’s just Murphy….all he wanted was your stuff, he is all talk…so nothing would have happened anyway! Now if you met Sly…then that’s the end” He panted then broke off in a laugh, Sally couldn’t help but laugh as she lowered herself on the park bench.

“Thank you!” She started “I know I have not been the nicest person, and you could have just walked away and acted like you didn’t know me or you didn’t see anything, but you helped. So thank you, Jacob”

“You’re welcome…it would have been fun to watch you squirm with fear, but that would only make me as bad as you…so I couldn’t let that happen”

“What was Murphy talking about? Your parents? Is everything alright?” She ignored the fact that he called her a bad person.

His facial expression changed once she asked him those questions. “It’s nothing… I’m over it ”

“Doesn’t mean you should bottle it all up…” she pressed on, his expression turned grim, he sobbed and his whole body shook as a result.” Hey, it’s okay” Sally felt bad for him.

“My mum left me for my dad when I was seven, and my dad didn’t care about me. I was like a burden to him…. he would go out and drink and abandoned me, most times he would tell me that he hoped I was dead before he came home. I was miserable, I grew up hating everyone and everything, I would steal just to feed myself, I got depressed and started cutting myself” He pulled up his sleeves to show the marks on his skin.

“Oh my God” she gasped, she saw the scars the deep cut had left on his Β arm.

“Well one day I met this lady and she was so nice to me, she took me to therapy, and a reform program….she gave me hope. So I started going to school and working after yo pay my rent, my father didn’t care what had happened to me and was very happy that I was off his back, the lady who helped me died in an accident” He sighed now wiping the tears off his cheek “Well I got a scholarship into our school and I can continue if I keep my grades high and stay out of trouble”

“What about your job?” Sally asked

“I got fired today, don’t know how I am going to pay my rent any more….I’ll figure something out” Jacob leaned his head against his hands.

“I’m really sorry, about every mean thing I have ever said or done to you. I can’t believe you have to go through so much and then at school I treat you so badly” Sally spoke with so much horror, she felt horrible. She never knew he was enduring so much, and all this while she had made school a living hell for him.

“Let me make it up to you” she spoke finally getting up, he did the same “My mum needs someone to dive my little sisters to their school in the morning and back home, it’s a good pay, and you get a place to stay…”

“I can’t ask you to do that for me, it doesn’t feel right” Jacob shook his head in disagreement.

“I’m the one asking, think of it like a normal job…not like help, you work and get paid, plus it’s the least I could do” she pleaded

“Thanks…” He accepted grudgingly.

“Well thank God we had this conversation…” Sally smiled and felt relieved, she gave him a comforting hug as she told him everything will be alright. She knew that is what he wanted to hear, and what he needed the most; to know that he is not alone.


Hi everyone, hope you are having an awesome month. I am really excited about this piece because I am making it into a series. Basically its all about being nice to people, this week is all about forgiveness, kindness and support to people around us, you never know who needs it. So for every reason I give to be nice, there is a short story behind it. I hope you like the articles, thanks for your time.

In the story above Sally is not the nicest person to the people around her, especially to Jacob who has a heartbreaking story. She learnt that not everyone has the same life or goes through the same thing as she does and that most people have bigger problems and struggle to survive or stay alive. For some people a little smile, and a cheerful hello could be the highlight of their day.

1. Be Nice because you do not know what everyone is going through, you do not know their daily struggles. The last thing they need is to be given a reason to hate themselves or the world around them.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Please don’t forget to like and comment. Thanks for your time and support.


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Treat Every One Nicely

  1. Awesome short story. Had a great ability to capture your emotions. The plot structure was displayed nicely. I liked the moral as well. It really portraid a msg of human kindness and willingness to forgive. All in all 5/5 stars.

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