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Top 5 Reasons To Treat Everyone Nicely-II

Wilson was bursting with joy, his whole body tingled and he wondered if his car could feel the tension within him. He had been so excited  when he got the letter inviting him for an interview, this was his dream job. Who wouldn’t want to work at the Deandre Enterprise?

He drove through the gates, and was welcomed with an amazing landscape, different buildings at every corner, a statue of Mr, Deandre himself stood majestically at the center of everything, the date the company was founded was boldly printed on it. Now Wilson’s nerves were all over the place. He had been working and waiting for this since he was in high school. All the straight As, and making sure he had a clean record, and his outstanding  3.9 GPA, and also graduating as valedictorian was all for this moment.

After driving around for for a few minutes without finding a parking spot Wilson was getting anxious, he drove around the whole parking lot a second time and still nothing. Soon he heard the revving of a car engine, from his side mirror he could see a  car about to leave a parking spot, but he also noticed another dark green car, probably a Mustang  waiting to enter that same spot.

“No! No! No!….” Frustration enveloped him as he thought of waiting to find another parking spot, he glanced at his wrist watch- he didn’t have much time. As he calmed himself a sinister smile spread across his face, he had an idea that could work and save him time. He quickly drove off making a U-turn and heading towards the other car, luckily he got there before the other driver drove off, and was still head to head with the Mustang.

He waited patiently, calculating his next move and placing his car in the right angle. Without a second to lose he drove into the parking spot haphazardly before the driver driving the Mustang could, he laughed excited about his achievement but was interrupted by the horn blaring behind him. He quickly picked up his briefcase  adjusted his tie and jumped out of the car, he adjusted himself again, using the car window as a mirror and look at his wrist watch one more time before locking his car and leaving.

“Hey!!!” The angry driver yelled at him from his car, the window was wound down “You knew I was waiting for that spot, why did you do that?”

” Wilson  turned around and spread his arms apart like there was nothing he could do ” I guess you’re too slow old man, its not my fault you’re too weak to drive like a man, why don’t you go back to a retirement home because that is where you belong!!” Wilson walked off, with satisfaction filling his being.

“Hey, come back here!!” the man yelled, still in his car.

“Shut up! Moron!” Wilson yelled back without turning around.


The elevator door slid open and Wilson walked into the hallway, he took a look at the paper the lady at the reception had given him. She had told him to go to the 8th floor that he was being interviewed in the conference room.

He got to the room as directed and open the big glass door, the first face to welcome him was no other than Mr. Deandre himself. Wilson was so excited he almost fell on his butt, wobbled shakily towards the man who stretched his hands.

“Nice to meet you Mr Caprice.” Mr. Deandre said shaking him “I have heard good things about you, your scores and your records, all are perfectly perfect! I wanted to meet you myself”

“Thank you so much sir, you have no idea how much this means to me, it’s an honour to meet you sir” He said excitedly

“Take a seat” Mr. Deandre gestured to the seat beside him ” I’m not the one interviewing you actually, my partner Mr. Cashel is, he was here earlier but stepped out to grab some coffee. He had a harsh experience with someone this morning, he’ll be back soon”

Wilson barely listen to what Mr. Deandre was saying, excitement clouded him from reality. After some minutes the door flung open as a stout man in a suit walked in with a cup of coffee in his hands.

Wilson frowned, his face looked familiar and then it hit him. The man at the parking lot!!! What was he doing here? Was he-

“Mr. Cashel this is Mr. Caprice” Mr. Deandre gestured as understanding came to Wilson, this is the man giving him the interview. Mr. Cashel looked at him and his eyes widened with recognition.

“You!..” He pointed a finger at Wilson.

“Do you know him?” A confused Mr. Deandre studied the two of them.

“This is the man I told you about, the parking spot thief..” Mr. Cashel yelled, placing his cup on the table.

“This guy…”

“Yes, the one that called me a moron, he is so rude”

Mr. Deandre look at Wilson “well, Mr. Caprice is this true? What do you have to say for your self?” That was all Wilson needed to start his rambling.

“I am very sorry sir, I was nervous and in such a rush…I was desperate for a spot cause I did not want to end up late…I..I..”

“So you will trample on others to get what you want?” Mr. Deandre sounded really disappointed “That is not how it works, if there is one thing I want my staff to be is considerate to others and kind, because it was the kindness of others that brought me this far…” He sighed, shaking his head.

” I am really sorry, this will never happen again” Wilson pleaded.

“Yes, it won’t.” Mr. Deandre started getting to his feet “Mr. Caprice you have a very good resumè and your records are clean but your personality is not the same. I take pride in my staff and company not only cause of its success but because of the name we carry, my staff has never had any problems or reasons to be sued, that’s our legacy and I am not risking that..”

“But Sir, I…” Wilson was cut short.

“Let me finish!!” He sighed ” What if Mr. Cashel was a costumer? I can’t have such complaint. That would give my company a bad name, and after all this year’s I can’t let that happen…so there is no need for this interview, even though i regret saying this you’re not getting the job”

“Mr. Deandre, Mr. Deandre, sir…please listen, I can change..” Wilson stammered as he followed the man who gracefully walked out of the room along side Mr Cashel. “Sir, Mr. Cashel please talk to him…please” none of them looked at him and just sauntered off.


Well, I am so tired, took me a while to write this. How is everyone feeling? I hope your day is as awesome as can be, mine is going well. It’s Good Friday, an awesome day to show love to others and our appreciation to God. Thanks for yaking time to read this. And this brings me to my second reason to be nice to people.

2. Be nice to people cause you may need then later on, and that one act of rudeness can change a lot for you. Don’t just be nice cause you want something from someone, be nice because someday you may need some help from that person.

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for all your support😜😜😜😘😘😘😘. Don’t forget to like and comment, and also follow for regular updates.


14 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Treat Everyone Nicely-II

  1. Haha, I like that short story. I’ve been in Mr Cashel’s situation a few times myself. So it really is important to be kind to all who you meet. I like this series concept you’ve chosen. It’s very insightful. Cant wait to read the next one.

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