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Writer’s block- Grateful

Hi Prominators ( #promarmy), I have been experiencing the infamous problem every writer dreads yet goes through, I’m talking about the writer’s block. This is a stage where a writer lacks creativity or ideas or motivation to write…I hardly ever experience this but it happens. I literally have five unfinished articles waiting to be posted but nothing to write. My birthday was on the 15th of April which is also my sister’s birthday and no we’re not twins. Β I made a vlog but I’m not sure if I’m posting it yet.

So my school apparently has no recognition for summer since school resumes next tomorrow meanwhile other schools don’t open until August but it’s all good. So for the few 14 days of break I had I literally spent three-quarter of it feeling sick and miserable. Apparently my immune cells felt the need to attack my other cells (skin cells included ) and the outcome was weird, itchy rash all over my body and thus I couldn’t make videos and I was forced to go to the hospital and all of that drama only to be told I would have to let my body heal itself and all I can’t do is try to suppress the rash, talk about misery😒…and also someone felt the need to steal my laptop charger leaving me with a non functional laptop for the next semester πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’.


I guess all of this added up to my lack of motivation to write anything cause my soul for more than a week was consumed with anger, I have no idea what I was angry at, it was like being on constant PMS for more than a week and the worst part is only me knew how angry I was, so it was an inner battle with the unknown, I had to pretend anytime my family called like it wasn’t that bad besides I’m perky Promise, the constant optimist, and most times people’s reaction when they saw my skin irked me…it made me wish it was contagious so I could hug them and start a zombie apocalypse or something, but others were still there for me through it all.

So honestly I literally wrote this to just let some stuff go, and cause I’m grateful for everything. least now I know those that will hug me rash or no rash…and those that will literally spend the whole day at the hospital for me even though I’m not their burden to carry, and those that would give me the best advice and prayers when I need them the most.

Bottom line is gratefulness, most people’s brain don’t even function properly and here I am complaining of a writer’s block that will pass. Most people cannot afford the cheapest phone you could find on earth and I’m whining cause a very desperate, needy person decided to take my charger, which I could buy again before the week ends and so many people out there experience accidents and their body is damaged permanently and here I was infuriated cause my body just had was going through a rash phase (is that a thing?).

And I realise how ungrateful humans can be, how we overlook little things not knowing that people go through the same stuff and die or that people go through worse on a daily basis , people die of malaria, the same malaria that I would have and still not take medications for yet I survive..worst scenario is I would probably have a headache and my mouth would be bitter… and I guess the best thing I had this holiday was my birthday and the little lesson I learnt from my little incident *cough cough*.

So I’m using this medium to thank everyone that celebrated with me, people tell me how much of a friend or an inspiration I am and I literally look at myself and wonder what part of me is inspiring, thanking God for life and for my family, the most supportive people I know and the type of people to tell me I looked like I was mutating to an amphibian πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜žπŸ˜©, but it’s all good…some friends of mine were literally going to bug me if I didn’t post anything soon so here we have it, I think I had more to say than I realized. Rant end…


I’m back darlings, expect more, a new post will be coming up soon and a new video will be coming up next week, and don’t worry it’s not just me’s more relateable and there us more movementπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. So don’t forget to like and comment and share… let me know what you think. Have an awesome week!!😘


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