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Subconscious murder

“Run, run, run!!!” Jeremy could hear the voices echoing from the bleachers,  it didn’t matter if they cheered for him or not, all that mattered was him and the tracks, the white lines on the sides seemed unending, his feet hurt each time they made contact with the brown concrete. “Now or never” his coach had said, if he lost this game he would not get into the Olympics this year, making it the third time.

His heart beat sounded louder almost deafening, soon the cheers grew distant, faint almost not there, his breaths felt warmer, yet the coolness of his own sweat seemed foreign. To his left, the fast strides his competitor, Jack, made were more or less in slow motion. Jeremy could see veins line up on his hands, neck and feet like they has been crafted on his skin. He glided past Jeremy and was now ahead.

“Faster Jeremy, Faster!!” his mother’s voice came in a whisper, her image seem to form an illusion before him. His heart ached knowing that no matter what he did, he couldn’t show his mother his successes. He shut his eyes briefly holding on to the mental image of her. Her raspberry scent filled him, she would lean over the treadmill in their garage, always with her silver stopwatch, as he trained.

He gritted his teeth as he recalled when he would beg to stop, exhausted after every game he lost. He remembered the state championship he had flopped in front of the whole school… he could still feel the pain on his spine if he bent down low enough. He had cried in the hospital that night and said “Mum, I can’t do this any longer, the whole school hates me. Maybe this isn’t for me”

She held his hand and smiled at him”Ever since you were little you have always wanted to run…you would race bike riders, cars, and would rather run to the next town than take a bus. Are you going to let a little obstacle stop you from running? Now what do we say when we face a task that looks impossible?…”

Jeremy opened his eyes, and with a sigh he repeated the words that were like fuel to his undying flame “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…” and his feet responded, like someone was using a remote control on them, within seconds he had caught up with Jack, gradually he ran past Jack, who could not hide his shock and utter confusion as he struggled to gain back his position. Jeremy kept repeating the sentence as he ran, this was his year, he was finally going to make it. And with that thought he thrust his body forward and ran his way to victory.

There was an uproar from the crowd and the stadium had lost all decorum, people cheered, fellow competitors and team mates ran towards Jeremy as they surrounded him, giving him hugs, hand shakes and congratulating him, he could hear the announcement from the speakers as they announced his victory, his named echoed from all angle.

His competitor, Jack had won most of the events throughout the season. Everyone expected Jack to win, even Jeremy. All the scouts had come to see Jack because they were invited by his father. Jeremy was still talking to his friends when he felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned around and came face to face with Jack.

“Congratulations Jeremy” he held out his right hand with a smile to shake Jeremy who took it without hesitation. “I’m happy for you, at least you have finally won something for once in your life”

“Excuse me?” Jeremy froze, shock plastered on his face, his face slowly crinkled into a frown, his hands were still locked in Jack’s who only continued to speak.

“I mean it would have been a better victory, or even more joyous if you had parents to celebrate it with… no one to display the trophies to..”

Jeremy slowly swallowed, his heart began to pound against its chest like it was going to fly out any second, he clenched his teeth and gritted and didn’t realize he had tightened his grip on Jack until Jack pulled away quickly.

“Ow! Are you trying to crush my hand? It was only a joke…” he said flexing his fingers and adding a slight chuckle to his statement.

“A joke?” Jeremy wanted to punch him in the face, he clenched his fist and didn’t try tohide the resentment he was feeling.

” Yes, no need to take it so personal….can’t someone just joke around?”…..he smiled and walked away…


“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you are doing.” -1 Thessalonians 5:11

Hi, Prominators (Prom readers + dominators), I’m still working on the names, maybe you all can help me out with that. Thankfully we’re all having a great day. Yes, I said that….just be positive and accept it. So how did you all like my intro? Cool story huh? Well before I go any further, I want to apologize to you guys for the sudden stand still, on both my blog and you tube channel, something came up and I’m still handling it, but I’m here for you guys…. Thanks for taking the time to read my articles.

So, if I was asked to describe the world today in one word I would use the word ‘chaos’… I’m not trying to be negative or anything, but look around you. So many things are happening, wars, fighting, trauma, selfishness rules the heart of so many people  that they become sensitive to other people’s emotions.

It has gotten so bad that you can basically decide to ruin a person’s day or break their spirit and it will all be alright and laughed off once you call it a joke.  People can be so mean, they say the most hurtful things and the perfect justification for it is that they were joking. And the other person ends up being the villain for taking it ‘personal’ or for getting a little angry.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is our words can give life, hope and support and it can also condemn, and destroy depending on how we use them. Most friends say hello with insults and they probably take it as nothing-fine! Just know when to draw the line, cause you have no idea the battles people fight on their own, and you could just make things worse for them and ruin their day or even lower their self esteem. You don’t need a knife to kill someone, all you need is to plant a little negativity in their hearts and the mind does the rest.

Let’s learn to spread love not hate in all that we do.

Thank you for taking out time to read this. Don’t forget to like and comment and share with your friends and family. Have an awesome day!!!

Promise Toyo


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