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Woman in a box

My tears dropped on her lips
They exuded power when she spoke
Pure pansophy
Now they were sealed with the stamp of cessation

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The Freewheeling series – Artisode #3

She had no idea where they were taking her, and she doesn’t even remember how they got her, although the girl who sat beside her, Bella (was arrested for robbing ATM machines, apparently she has super strength) told her that their memories were probably wiped out by telepathy so that they won’t know where they are and try to escape.

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#FridayFiction; Forever with you.

Fiction, 98 words “When did you know….?” he muttered pulling away “The night before I left for Boston I couldn’t sleep. I would stay awake and stare at you, hoping the next day wouldn’t come…” “So why tell me this now?” “Cause being without you all these months was torture, and I was scared, but I’m…… Continue reading #FridayFiction; Forever with you.