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The Freewheeling Series- Artisode #2

Helloooo, hope you had an awesome week…mine was glorious so I’m writing in an awesome mood today…On Monday , I started a new series, The Free-wheeling, A.K.A TFW  and I’ll be posting the story in episodes, and this is the second episode. So If you’re lost and want to catch up just read the first episode by clicking  TFW-Artisode #1.

Alright, let’s get into this episode already…

Artisode 2- Piece by Piece


Aileen groaned slowly sitting up, the throbbing in her head was discomforting and gave her this nauseating feeling, she held her head hoping it doesn’t explode with the way it throbbed.

“Oh my God, Chloe I had the weirdest dream…  Weird stuff kept happening to me, and Ace planned this birthday party, and you-”

Aileen’s speech was slurred and she tried to open her eyes but slammed her eyelids shut when she saw the bright blinding light . “Chloe?” she was a little disoriented.

She raised her right arm to block her eyes still trying to process the environment, flashes of last night came back- the party,  her brows furrowed as she realized it wasn’t a dream. She slowly began to recollect, her eyes were adjusting and she was able to slowly open them. The last thing she remembered was lying on the floor, which was confusing cause now she was in a chair, a really cold, metal chair she realized. There was a table in front of her, also metal…and that seemed to be the only thing in the room. She looked around, the grey painted walls were plain and there was nothing on them, not even a nail- just plain and smooth, the floor had white tiles…the ceiling had a fluorescent light bulb that lit up the whole room and an air vent at the left corner that let in cool air- but that was it, well aside from the door opposite to where she sat.

“Hello?” Aileen said, she wasn’t sure whether to yell or not. “Um… can anyone hear me?” her voice was louder, her head started throbbing again “Argh…”

The door suddenly flew open and a dark skinned lady stormed in, she was about six feet two inches, had white hair though she looked like she was in her mid-thirties. She wore a dark blue peplum top and black heels. She was accompanied by two men in black suits and a woman in a catsuit.

“Glad to see you’re awake Miss Moore” She had a soft voice which was the complete opposite of her appearance.

“Uhh..who are you?” Aileen couldn’t hide her confusion “Why am I here? Heck, where am I?” She realized she was still wearing the same dress she had on last night.

“You’re in no position to ask questions” the stern look she gave Aileen freaked her out a little. One of the men in suits gave the woman a yellow file, she opened the file and read through some papers and spoke: “you’ve been charged with two counts of inadequate use of power, exposure of the psychic world, and endangering lives in the process?”

“Is this a joke? Cause it’s not funny…” her headache got intense but Aileen tried to shake it off “I mean the least you could do is get police badges or the proper uniform or something, but alright guys you got me… Lemme guess I’m on some reality prank show…where are the cameras?” she abruptly stood up, startling everyone as they all stepped back, the second man raised his right hand and in a split second Aileen was sent flying straight into the wall behind her, pain shot through her body as she collided with the wall and was held there, she tried to move but it felt like invisible arms held her in place.

“What is wrong with you people?!!” She yelled getting really angry, the others took stances like they were preparing for some sort of battle.

“Do not underestimate my men Miss Moore, this is not a joke” The woman spoke again getting Aileen’s attention “Regardless of your abilities if you try to resist we won’t hesitate to put you down”

” Abilities? What is this? Bakugan?” she struggled but the only thing she could move was her head, she was getting really frustrated, and having a headache was not making things easier “You guys are crazy, I didn’t do anything. I don’t even know who you are!!!” Aileen was yelling now, fear and anger mixed within her. With a sigh the woman dropped the file on the table, she put both arms behind her and began to pace about.

“I’m Chief superintendent Deborah Layman, I work for the Psychic Protection Organization. Unfortunately, I have to deal with hooligans like you” she stopped and scowled at Aileen “you’re currently in our headquarters” She glanced at the man whose hand was still up and stretched towards Aileen and nodded, he did the same and in one swift motion papers flew out of the file on the table and headed straight for Aileen but stopped right in front of her, just a few centimeters from her face. “Recognize those?”

Aileen narrowed her eyes realizing they were photographs of her, there was one of her in dance class with the broken mirrors, the one of her on the street and the newspaper guy, pictures of the birthday party when Charlie was sent flying towards the wall. “what the..? Have you guys been stalking me?…”

The door flew open again and her uncle burst into the room, he looked unkempt and confused, he was panting, his shirt was barely buttoned with half of it tucked in his jeans. “Where is she?” he scanned the room till his eyes met Aileen’s.

“Uncle Danny…” she said almost in a whisper, relief overwhelmed her.

He took a step forward then stop directing his eyes to the man that seemed to be holding her up, anger spilling out of his voice as he spoke “put her down!!”. The man in suit looked at him, then at the chief, she nodded and he dropped his hand, Aileen dropped to the floor simultaneously and Danny ran to her, helping her up and checking her arms and face…like he was looking for something “Are you okay?” his voiced softened, like he felt pity for her. The photos flew back to the file and were kept in place.

“Dan you’re not supposed to be in here” Chief Deborah spoke rolling her eyes.

“What is the meaning of this?” he growled walking towards her, they were the same height, so their eyes were level.

“This is standard procedure, and you’re getting in the way…” Chief crazy lady didn’t even flinch, yes Aileen called her that. Danny was not even looking at Aileen with those piercing, cold eyes as he gritted his teeth yet she felt threatened…and this woman stared at them without flinching, her face blank…without emotion. ‘How is that even possible? Does she have a soul?’ Aileen thought.

Danny sighed then looked at the faces of the others who just stood there and watched now less offensive, then back at Chief crazy lady “We need to talk…now!” he  said walking past her and out of the room, she followed him, still calm and collected…it annoyed Aileen that she acted like she owned the world, Aileen just wanted to punch her teeth in.

With the two of them out of the room, all the others turned their gaze at Aileen, who just folded her arms with a smirk on her face and stared back at the man who had held to the wall, she imagined all the horrible things she could do to him. He stared back, not flinching and it seemed like they were having an unofficial staring contest. A few minutes passed and her uncle came back with chief crazy lady….Aileen detested her, and her silly white hair that she wanted to pull so badly. She gestured at her men and they all followed her as she left the room again.

Aileen sighed, and her uncle did the same, she walked towards him and started rambling “Uncle Danny, those people are crazy, I just woke up and found myself in this weird place, and they are talking about abilities and stuff, they even had photos of me, and I-”

“Aileen, what’s going on with you?” Her uncle interrupted shocking her, but it lasted for a split second ” You’ve been hiding things from me, and now you’ve gotten yourself into trouble”

“What? Uncle, you know me, I didn’t do anything…”

“Why didn’t you tell me about all this stuff going on with you?” he sounded tired, he ran fingers through his brown thick hair, his breathing had slowed down.

“I tried to last night, you didn’t listen” Aileen sounded even more defensive than she expected, every emotion she felt appeared on her face unedited “This is just crazy, I mean you too? really?…”

“Okay, okay calm down… There’s a lot going on right now, and it’s worse than I expected but the thing is I might get you out of this” he lowered his voice as he spoke.

“How?” Aileen shrugged her shoulders and pulled the chair closer, lowering herself to sit.

“You could get off on probation since you had no idea  about all of this or what you were doing… ” Danny leaned forward, his hands resting on the table and his voice remained lowered.

“Okay?” she slowly nodded, recognizing the look on her uncle’s face, the only look that came with a but…

“But…” he started confirming her suspicion “You’ll be sent to a facility..”

“What?!!” Aileen snapped, she sprang up to her feet and began to pace “no, no, no, no, no…” she paused then looked at him and shook her head. “I have a dance showcase coming up, I have college to go to, I have a life to live… I didn’t do all those things they keep saying I did” she made random hand gestures as she spoke.

“Look, I know its a lot to take in, and I don’t blame you for acting like this, but if you don’t these things will only get worse…you need to learn to control-”

“Control what?! I don’t have any stupid freakish…abilities, I’m a normal 18-year-old valedictorian that is going to the university with her best friend and her boyfriend…and later going to start her own company, and become a professional dancer and have the future that her parents wanted for her…not this!” she sounded irritated

“There’s no other way, besides this is what your parents would have wanted…”

“You don’t know that…” she snapped.

“I do actually, this is why your parents died” he walked towards her, fear and disbelief leaped out of her eyes, revealing all that went on in her mind. “Protecting you, and honestly they were probably taking you to this facility before they were murdered, so you can learn to control your abilities and even protect yourself”

“If this is true, why am I just finding out?” She folded her arms, doubt enveloped her, she had never doubted her uncle, but all of this was ludicrous.

“Cause I was able to suppress your powers, that’s why you mostly had incidents at school, but then I guess I forgot that at 18 these abilities go haywire… I was just protecting you from what killed your parents cause they kept coming back”

“Who is they?”

“They’re gleaners…they reap abilities from your kind” He

“My kind?” Aileen could hear her mom’s voice ain her head screaming the word ‘gleaner’  that night. It echoed in her mind, over and over.

“The Free-wheeling…”

“What?” Aileen seemed to be getting even more confused, past her uncle’s shoulder she saw a man and a woman walk in, both wearing suits…but she could not recognize them, the sight of them made her frown. Her uncle saw the look on her face and looked over his shoulders right behind him. He looked at her again and quickly came closer as if a fast forward button had just been pushed in his brain.

“Listen, we don’t have time” he held her upper arms rushing through his words “you have to make a decision now…”

Aileen stared into his glass eyes, they seemed clearer than ever, her reflection stared back. She needed answers, and no shrink or therapists or counselor could give them to her. And it seemed like so much had been held back from her, she wasn’t sure if she was making the right decision and her uncle was the only one she trusted right now- if he says this is what she had to do then she would do it, Chloe would not believe this….


Well, that’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this episode…I really tried to make it shorter, but things will be clearer on Monday, see you then…Have an awesome week!!!


Promise Toyo


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