To An Iroko Tree

So much meaning, so much insight…so much to learn from the great Iroko tree


Greatest Iroko tee

The witness of generations

Defender of the soil

Teacher of the lessons in a small seed

Help us remember

A mighty trunk was once a tiny grain

Teach us modesty in our choices of nourishment

That we may feed on things

That destroy not the cycle of life

Grant us humility

As we remember that a single robust tree

Can never make a forest

Like the gracefulness of your bark

Help us accept  the wrinkles of aging

With mirth and laughter

Permit us to encourage one another

To fight to save a tree

As it is a war to save humanity

Let us be motivated to see how

Those who choose to plant trees

Sow the seeds of hope

Inspire us to teach our children

To plant the seeds of expectation

And nurture the thoughts of achievements

Replenish our bodies as we consider

Those that eat the…

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