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I never missed a beat
I danced as you played the tune of deceit
I never second guessed
Your wild distractions got me hooked, obsessed

I dwelled in your false solitude
As you took advantage of my ineptitude
I sauntered into the warmth with glee
Ignoring the flames that slowly consumed me

Our endless banter, and midnight laughter
Evolved into memories to lust after
‘How are you’ and ‘I love you’
Had become ‘where were you’ and ‘I don’t believe you’

Your sea of insecurities began to sink our boat
Our seemingly endless adventure struggled to stay afloat
Your  well-schemed trap began to fall apart
For a second I couldn’t tell you and the devil apart

Soon the lights in our story began to fade
The veil came off, and I realized I had been lost in a charade

Promise Toyo



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