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The Freewheeling series – Artisode #3

Nothing much to say, for the most of it; today seemed blah. Try not to get confused, it’s a series, so for the previous artisodes, just click TFW-Artisode #1 and Artisode #2. Let’s get into it, shall we?…

Artisode #3- Adjusting


The scorching heat was making Jake uncomfortable, his skin had bruises from his sweaty clothes rubbing them all day. And from the tower, all he could see was an endless sand ocean and the bright rays from the sun. Nothing happened, nothing ever happened, sometimes the quietness of this place got to him. He tilted his cap forward adjusting into the hard wooden chair he sat on, legs crossed on the table in front of him, he thought he might as well get a nap- it was the only thing he could do to keep himself sane.

The smell of cigarette smoke wafted through the air interrupting his attempt at sleep, followed by the sound of footsteps against the hard concrete. A crooked smile crept on his face, he recognized that scent of raspberries anywhere, familiar with the only exciting he had in this dreadful place.

“Really?” her voice echoed all around the room, as she sauntered in, stopped and stood right above him. “Wake up, lazy ass” she shook him repeatedly.

He groaned feigning fatigue, as he opened one eye and looked up at her “Come on, just a little nap” he sat up, taking his legs off the table and dropping them to the floor. The cigarette she held in her hand was almost finished, she must’ve been bored if she came looking for him. She threw the cigarette out the window and stared back at him, shaking her head.

“You can’t be sleeping on the job, Jake” she stood, shifting her weight on her left leg and her arms crossed. Her dark, voluminous hair had been tied up in a ponytail, a really messy ponytail with loose strands everywhere, it gave her a tired look. She had taken off the uniform shirt she had on earlier, probably because of the heat, all she wore was a black tight tank top which didn’t do much to hide her cleavage, and also baggy camouflage trousers. Her hour-glass figure was well defined, and Jake felt she always had this ethereal atmosphere around her.
“What job? Nothing ever happens, I might as well be in solitary confinement”he scoffed

Her sweaty skin glowed under the reflection of the sun rays, she rolled her eyes at him and Jake realized her had been staring at her chest. She turned to leave but his hand held onto hers, he did not realized he had been up on his feet till his eyes met hers, her big brown eyes- they were so beautiful. He never understood why she hated them. They fit her so perfectly, especially when she smiled…she rarely smiled.
“Where are you going, princess?” a smirk plastered on his face as his hands stealthily found their way around her hips. “I’ve missed you… ” the words fell from his lips in a whisper.

“No, Jake…” she whined tiredly, shaking her head as she tried to pull away “We’re on duty….we can’t”

“Why not? we’re married for God’s sake” he said also whining, as he pouted his lips.

“Remember what happened last time?” her eyebrows arched quizzically.

“Okay Taylor, that wasn’t my fault….”his grip tightened, he wasn’t planning on letting her go.

“Is it ever your fault? The other day at-” her voice was getting louder, but she got interrupted.

“Darling’s not ruin this moment by dwelling in the past” he whispered placing his index finger on her lips, she gave him a ‘what-are-you-doing’ kind of look, her face turned bubble gum pink as she held back a smile.

His hand made traces on her neck carefully finding its way to her face like any sudden movements would cost him. She tilted her neck and let out a soft laugh “You shouldn’t do stuff like that…you know what  that does to me…”

Her hands began to work their way up, she traced her fingers across his body…slightly disappointed that the uniform was in the way, from the way he held onto her and let out a soft groan, she could tell whatever she was doing was working.

Jake leaned in till his forehead came in contact with hers, he came closer rubbing his nose against her nose, the little contact made her giggle- yes, there it was…the sound that sent chills running down his spine. He could tell Taylor was getting as impatient as he was, her hands were still making gentle strides along the back of his neck, and combing through his hair, her lips parted slightly and she leaned forward. Jake didn’t hesitate to nullify the little space that separated them as he leaned in and his lips found hers, he lifted her and-

BEEEP!!!! BEEEP-BEEEP!!!! The sudden sound of sirens  and horns blaring separated the duo, they had shifted apart like their bodies were electrocuted. The sound was distant, and if it were a different scenario it wouldn’t be so startling, but it was one of the last things you expect to hear in such quite, still desert.

“Jake, Jake come in, can you hear me? Over..”

Jake scanned the office trying to figure out where the sound came from, Taylor grabbed the walkie-talkie that was on the floor and lifted it to her mouth “We hear you loud and clear Luke, what’s going on?”

“Oh…um, hi Taylor, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to-” he stuttered, his voice came in from the walkie-talkie, a little crackle accompanying it.

“Just spit it out Luke!!!!” Taylor sounded impatient, Jake could tell she was embarrassed after what almost happened.

“You have to open the gates, The chief is here, she has some new recruits with her”

With a sigh, Jake approached a panel on the wall, it had different levers and buttons and some blinking lights disarranged on it.He pushed a green one on the side and the loud sound of metal rubbing against metal was heard as the gates slid open. The ear tingling sound filled the air, and soon it was accompanied by a convoy; buses, cars, jeeps drove into the large landscape as Luke and Taylor watched from above.


Aileen was sweaty and sick to her stomach, she had been in the bus, with a number of random teenagers for almost two hours- in the desert. She had no idea where they were taking her, and she doesn’t even remember how they got her, although the girl who sat beside her, Bella (was arrested for robbing ATM machines, apparently she has super strength) told her that their memories were probably wiped out by telepathy so that they won’t know where they are and try to escape. She watched in awe as the giant metallic gate slid open revealing a large landscape. The inside, which had trees, grassy planes, tall buildings, and bungalows looked like an estate on a tropical island…How are there trees here? she thought. It did not look even the tiniest bit like the outside which was just sand, sand, sand, and more sand.

The buses were led by two jeeps, as far as she knew chief crazy pants was in one of them. They drove to what appeared to be a giant car park, and all the cars stopped. Aileen sat waiting, but nothing happened. Everyone else was getting agitated. The driver seemed calm, and all Aileen could think of was what uncle Danny had told her, apparently he knew she had…abilities, so did aunt Barbara, but Chloe had no idea. He also told her about her parents and about the gleaner that attacked them. According to him they only came after ‘The Free-wheeling’, who were given that name cause of the unlimited powers they had. They would take the powers away from ‘the free-wheeling’ when they are still children so they meet less resistance and then kill them.

Apparently her parents were trying to take her to this camp the day they were attacked, cause most psychics have their powers twitching at age 16. Aileen wondered how the organization was able to find her and it seemed because her powers were out of control she was easily detected by espials, whose work is to detect psychics when they use their powers and tell the organization their location if they are using it for something bad.

The door suddenly slid open and a man in camouflage motioned for them to get down. A red haired boy  was the first to get up, then a girl that looked Latina, and another black girl, then an Asian boy….Aileen was starting to realize the varying types of people she had been in the bus with and she didn’t recognize anyone.

Soon she got out of the bus and was directed to a hall where the others were. The hall was the size of a basket ball court, the lights were blinding and it was really noisy and cool which was a huge difference compared to the heat outside. The floor was really slippery, and the walls were painted yellow and brown.

Aileen stopped to look around, but it didn’t last long, she was pushed forward and the words “Move slug” came from behind her. Aileen couldn’t tell who it was so she just kept walking till she got a seat.

Chief Deborah had taken the stage, or the part of the hall that looked like a stage, she stood on the podium, in front of a stand that had a microphone and tapped the microphone….the ringing sound it sent across the hall got everyone quiet.

“Welcome” she started “You are all here though as a result of different conditions, but for the same purpose, to train in your abilities and help the psychic world…”

“more like become their minions” a boy snickered behind Aileen, others laughed and she couldn’t hear what chief crazy lady was saying..she didn’t mind though.

“each of you will be given tags and divided into four groups, also you will be shown to your  apartments…” she said studying the hall.

“Ooooohh fancy” the same boy snickered, laughter followed. Aileen shook her head.

“You all have a big day tomorrow, orientation and your first training…this is where we see how much control and mastery you have of your abilities, you will get your had book of rules and duties, and policies… we don’t joke with rule breaking. Do what you’re told, and good luck” she left the stage  and was applauded as she left the hall.

Names were being called out, and after a series of questioning, they were given either a red, blue, black or white wristband and separated into four groups. It was Aileen’s turn, she approached the table. A woman sat behind the mahogany table, beside her was a box where she put confiscated items. A man in blue overall and a baseball cap came forward, his skin was pink and rough, probably from the sun.

“Aileen Moore?” he gave her a blank stare.

“Uhh… yeah” she stammered a little confused as another woman approached her and began to search her, touching her randomly from head to toe.

“age..” he wrote down some words on the pad.

“18” the lady finished her search and walked away.

“Ability…” his eyes were focused on the pad as he spoke

“uhh..” Aileen didn’t know what to say. Her uncle had told her she was one of those free-wheeling psychics, something about unrestricted abilities…but he said other psychics were afraid of the free-wheeling cause they were too powerful and hard to control, he told her not to tell anyone of her powers but-

“hey” the man snapped his fingers in front of her “cat caught you tongue?..ability…”he sounded impatient.

“Telekinesis” she had heard of telekinesis…being able to move things with her mind, if she could really do all those things her uncle said then she could probably do that too.

“Psychokinesis” he mumbled, the lady at the table gave him a file, Aileen recognized that file…it was the same one chief crazy lady had.  He looked through it, and a frown appeared on his face, he leaned towards the woman and whispered something, she also frowned and gave Aileen a quizzical look. She picked up a black wrist band and gave it to the man who eyed her suspiciously as he put it on her.

After more questioning and searching at different check points… Aileen was finally assigned to an apartment, apparently she had to share it with three other people, though she got her own room.

When she got to her room her luggage was already there, she didn’t remember bringing anything. She sat on the bed, the mattress was rather soft and had a lilac colored, folded set of bedspread on it, the bed was big enough for two skinny people; nothing like the one at home. There was a small closet in the corner and a bathroom beside it. The room had just one window and a reading table…Aileen was not sure why that was there. She quickly had a shower and changed into her nightwear after setting up her room and clothes, the hands of the clock in her room were at five minutes past eleven. She couldn’t believe she how the day had gone by and all she had eaten was the breakfast her uncle got her before she left.

Aileen switched off the lights and jumped into bed, her mind as usual tried to come up with every possible thing that could happen tomorrow, she rolled around for a while and slowly she felt herself get tired and she decided to get some shut-eye. Aileen’s eyes drooped to sleep so she stopped resisting, closed them slowly and blinked….BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! WOOHOOO!! WOOHOO!! BEEP! BEEP!…

Her room was engulfed in this loud, deafening nightmare…alarms blaring from every angle and she didn’t know how to make it stop, she sprung up to her feet and sloppily reached for the switch, the light sent sharp rays into her eyes, she looked at the clock- it was four o’ clock in the morning…‘How?’ Aileen thought, she was so sure she had just blinked. Then the announcement came in-

“Alright psyches” the male voice echoed through a speaker on the ceiling, “you have thirty minutes to get dressed and meet me at the hall, the proper outfits to be worn are outside your door… you don’t want to be late on your first day”

Aileen dropped to the floor and groaned…she never signed up for this.


So sorry this came in late, but its here now…a lot has been going on. Hope you like this episode. Your feed back is important to me. Have a great day!



19 thoughts on “The Freewheeling series – Artisode #3

  1. Lol… Taylor and Jane were about to get their frank on…. Why interrupt? Lol this just keeps getting better and better…. Love this, That sleep thing happened to me the first day of college… Unpacking was stress… Really nice work


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