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The Freewheeling series- Artisode #4

I’m excited about this artisode…Don’t ask why I just am. My week has been good so far, writing comes more easily for me, I have so many drafts, sometimes I have so many ideas running through my mind that my whole body starts to quiver- it’s like I’m going to explode if I don’t write them down…It’s a really good feeling, too bad I had exams so I couldn’t really post much…

So for those of you that are here for the first time, I’m so glad you’re here…Thanks for your time, try not to get confused, though. It’s a series… You can find previous artisodes if you click TFW-Artisode #1, artisode #2, artisode #3. So I might as well get into the story.

Artisode #4- Stage 1


The sun was barely out- the moon still lingering in the sky, Aileen dragged herself to the hall, her own weight became too heavy for her…all around her, the other psyches moved like zombies, snickering and complaining like they were carrying the world on the shoulders.

“Even the devil is not awake by this time”…a girl groaned from behind startling Aileen, she had red hair, and freckles…and had a tattoo of a lion on her arm. Aileen was never one to get a tattoo, she changed her mind a lot so if she got one in a week’s time she would want to change the tattoo to something different, so she never got it.

After thirty minutes of walking on a hill, the steep mountain giving her a pulsating headache and pains in places she didn’t know could hurt- Aileen was still baffled that they could have all this in a desert, this walk alone was all the exercise she probably wanted to do this year. Her uncle told her before she came here that she had to stop being lazy…like that was possible. Aileen hated work or exerting herself, she just didn’t see the point of putting her body through all that…besides she can be hard working when she wanted to so technically it was just ‘selective participation’.

Aileen’s eyes widened as she approached the training ground, so many contraptions were set up, it was a really complicated obstacle course. There was a pile of rocks moulded into different shapes- round disks, squares, rectangles, she wondered what that was for, there was a place covered in mud, hurdles, for some reason there was hot coal on the floor of a section, a bridge with axes, giant hammers, and a ball of spikes swinging over it, if Aileen had any hope that the day would not be as bad as she thought, at this point all hope was diminished, she quaked at the sight of the giant wall…the tallest building was ten stories and that wall still taller than it.

Did they really expect anyone to go over that?

Seeing all of this reminded Aileen of high school, of someone in high school to be more precise- Alexander Ray. Aileen had a major crush on Alex for as long as she could remember but she never did anything about it. She was in the 10th grade, and he was in the 12th grade when she asked him to tutor her in math- though she was great at math, never got a B, well just once but it was the teacher’s fault, she didn’t understand his funny french accent. Aileen had gone to his house, wait!…no, not house- mansion…it was so huge with water fountains, a beautiful landscape and a really huge garage for the fleet of cars his parents had, and at the back yard it had a similar obstacle course.

She smiled at the thought or possibility that Alex would be here, well at least they would have something in common, maybe they could-


The screeching sound of the blow horn filled the air forcing Aileen back to reality, she looked around realizing the wake-up call didn’t affect just her. Everyone looked around trying to figure out where the sound came from.

“Alright newbies, gather around!!” A loud fruity voice called from behind, the six foot, muscular giant approached, walking through the crowd of tired, uninterested teens. “Ugh this place reeks of hormones”

Aileen’s heart dropped and her mouth fell open, it was like an invisible belt was wrapped around her stomach, color vanished from her face, the name fell of her lip in a whisper “Alex?”. Her immediate response was to hide, she slid into the crowd hiding her face as much as possible as the figure stood before them. He looked way better than all of them combined, the gray tank top he wore held on to his body tightly, unlike his gray sweatpants which were rather loose. His brown hair brought out his green eyes- Aileen remembered those eyes all to well.

“Okay, so I’m sure Captain Denzel brushed you up on what you needed to know. Hope no one is lost…last year was enough trouble” He paused looking around as if waiting for a response, when he got none he continued “Alright you will be divided into groups of five. Each psyche ability; telekinesis, telepathy, stalwart, shapeshifters, diastrefo will be present in each group.That will be your group till…probably when you leave” he looked up from the pad he held.

“God those eyes” a dark-haired girl in front of Aileen whispered and others agreed squealing and nodding excitedly .

“He’s so yummy…” another blonde shrieked, from what she saw the boys weren’t too happy, to say the least. Most of them were either rolling their eyes or shaking their heads disappointed.

Aileen shifted uneasily, a burning sensation lingered at the back of her head- she was being watched, she knew cause she had had this feeling before, she looked around but everyone seemed focused on whatever Max was saying. Aileen forced herself to focus, it seemed he had started calling names out.

“Santiago Montez, Aaron Stewart, Mira Florez,  Jamal Edward…” he paused, his eyes narrowing as he slowly called out the next name

“Adebayo Moyosoreoluwa” A dark-skinned boy yelled from behind, he had a different accent…Aileen didn’t think she had heard it before, he was tall and skinny, had a neat haircut and brown eyes….he walked in a carefree manner, his clothes a little oversize…Aileen probably stared a little longer than she should’ve, he looked at her and arched his eyebrow quizzically, she turned away quickly.

There were about ten groups now and her name wasn’t called…she was getting tired, and for some reason, she couldn’t concentrate with all the racquet behind her.Apparently one of the girls was making fun of another girl, the bully looked like a huge mammoth…she was oddly hairy for a girl and chubby, her voice was also guttural as she spoke shoving the other blonde girl who was really skinny and wore a floral gown.

“Next group… Nixon Storm, Zachary Mikealson,..” his expression changed, from the dead, bored look to utter perplexion as he stared at the pad “A..Aileen?” he looked up searching through the crowd, then back at the pad”Aileen Moore…” he sounded unsure, his eyes moved around frantically.

Aileen stepped out of the crowd, her eyes peeled to the ground as she joined Nixon and Zachary. Maxwell followed her with his eyes, shock and confusion boldly spread across his face, if the others didn’t notice Aileen before well now they did, at least the girls did…it took him some seconds to recover as he haphazardly went back  to his work.

“Uhmm…  Maxwell Kai, Blanche Orion..” he rushed through the rest of the names visible shaken. A dark haired boy walked towards Aileen’s group.He had an unreadable facial expression and walked with a proud gait. Then a girl followed, Aileen recognized her as the girl being bullied by the mammoth sized girl.

Alex yelled out a few other names till everyone was in a group. When he was done he looked up and spoke; “So your team is your family in this camp, treat them with respect and support each other…you’re only as strong as your weakest member….” He turned to the contraptions and yelled “Four groups will each compete with one another to get through the obstacle course. For it to be counted as a win all members must cross. Each of you have a progress count, aside from your group progress count… That way we know who’s weak amongst you”he looked at them again with a sly grin as if waiting for something to happen, then he picked out the first four teams and the competition started.

Aileen watched in awe as the other campers seemed to breeze past the obstacles, apparently the piles of rocks she had seen earlier were to be levitated by the telekinetics.

“They’re pretty awesome, aren’t they?” One of the boys whispered to her, she looked at him quickly shutting her mouth not sure how long it had been open. She nodded not able to form words at the moment, he smiled back and said “Don’t worry…it’s not as scary as it looks” she wanted to believe him “I’m Nixon by the way, just call me Nix…” she noticed his eyes were grey and for a second they looked silver.

“Nix?” she whispered drawing his attention to her “what are the uhh..di- diasta..”

“Oh the diastrefos….” he smiled, amused by her ignorance “that’s a greek word for distort, the diastrefos are able to contort and shape shift objects to their will”
“Why Greek?” her brows furrowed.
“You’re going to have to read up on that one, princess”

“While you guys are busy making small talk”  the dark haired boy spoke interrupting them, his voice was rather monotonous, and honeyed “you might want to come back to reality…we’re next” he eyed the duo and with a sigh walked past them, not forgetting to add “try not to hold me back…It’s too early to lose”

Those words were a slap across her face, she was sure she was going to embarrass her generation cause she had no idea what she was doing, she swallowed hard and watched the others who seemed indifferent to what Maxwell had said as they followed him, at least she knew who their leader was. She couldn’t begin to imagine how wrong this could all go…


Thanks for your time, and patience…next episode coming up soon…Have a fabulous week!

Promise Toyo


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