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I remember
The first time we met
Your ex had just dumped you
you pushed him over the bridge
I saw you cry and we talked all night
We became best friends since then

I remember
The day you took me shopping for a new dress
You threw my old clothes over the bridge
You wanted to change my look from boring to sassy
The next few weeks were unimaginable
I got approached four times like you predicted

I remember
The day you took me to this bridge
It was my birthday and you had put together a flash mob
You knew how much I loved to dance, I was happy

But then nothing lasts forever
Cause that same day
On that same bridge
You told me you were going overseas, my happiness was short lived as your words ripped through my heart

I remember
waiting for you on this bridge,
years had gone by and the bridge had aged ith it.

We had planned to meet and I stood there all night, waiting and you never showed up.

You had moved on, not just to another city, but to another life.  Another life without me in it.

Yesterday I went back to that bridge, but it was no longer there, it was being reconstructed. . . I didn’t bother to ask what it was being replaced with.

Now there’s no us, no bridge. . . Nothing but memories and fantasies of the life we could have had.

Nothing but nostalgia.

Promise Toyo

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