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December daily piece- Letter A

Happy new month everyone!!!! Last month of the year 2016… For some reason I woke up on the 29th of November just few minutes before midnight…it was like my mind was counting down to the new month.

So this month I set a goal for my self….Following the alphabet A-Z, I would write an article for each letter…daily; could be a poem, or just plain rambling…everyday would have a different theme. I hope you follow closely…I’m welcome to ideas, or themes suggested.

Have an awesome day, weekend, and month!! Let’s begin.



So starting this month’s challenge I want to say a lot of thank-yous; to God, my family, those that support me, those that are only good at giving me reasons to stop writing or doing whatever it is I love.

2016 has been an odd year for me…mostly in a good way (I think, or maybe I’m just being positive), although I expected something more magical (yes, I said magical). Coming to Med school last year, at first it was great….felt good you know, especially since I’m far away from home…!! Then this year I decided to do something, start a blog; a you tube channel….I remember sitting in church on new year’s eve and writing all my goals for the next year down;
* be more serious
*work on my spirituality
*be more attentive in class
*be positive no matter what
*talk less, listen more, do more
*know your priorities
*smile more
*write a book (I even gave it a name)
*start a blog, and a you tube channel….bla bla bla

And yes I know, some of them are odd…like the smiling one, and the one of being attentive…but yes those were goals to me. I think the hardest so far has been my spirituality- that’s a story for another day.

But a lot has happened since then, living alone has had its impact; not being within my parent’s grasp has kind of exposed me to a lot of things, and then I realized that all this while I was clearly in the dark and the world is not as rosy as I had assumed it to be…I had been in some sort of safe bubble that my parents created, and I had the illusion that I had seen it all; boy, was I wrong…

I grew up with my parents always running around for work, being cops and all we barely saw them, so I never realized how much my siblings had an effect on me till well this year, being the eldest I always had to take responsibility for them, and make sure they don’t hate me at the same time…so yeah I’m grateful to them for teaching me how to be persuasive, and sometimes manipulative (trust me, it can be a good thing at times), to speak and make people listen (my strongest gift so far), to never let things get to me easily, and take life easy. And to always keep the crazy child in me alive.

And my parents; for the most part they taught me how to survive on my own…although my one problem is my inability to ask people for help. For some reason that’s really hard for me…but I also learnt responsibility, not running away from my problems and also not killing myself over them, knowing when to get away from people or a relationship that could be toxic for me, speaking up when I know something is not right even if I’m the only one talking.

Friends…hm… let’s start with old friends..

Karen, Hilda, Munachi…basically my writing/reading (by reading I mean novels) squad….first people that made me realize how much I love writing even though I would always say its just a hobby.

Nickol; for just being her. Lol…I have no words, she’s just been there…we may not talk as much as we used to, but I know I can still depend on her.

Bobby; for being there in the one year I had before I left Nigeria…listening to my boring rambles on my uneventful life and teaching me how to be less confined and less uptight, and how to adapt quickly to any situation (even though I pretty much knew how to do that seeing that in my life I’ve gone to about ten different schools)…

Also making me have higher tolerance for jerks, introducing me to one of the best books I have read…lol, PIE (Psychic Investigation Episodes). Never realized I would still be friends with him, and yet he is one of the people I turn to for the unfiltered truth and advice.

New friends;

Lets see…oh wow, Its odd; I’m basically friends with everyone at my school, no!…wait, let me rephrase that. I’m nice to everyone, I relate well with everyone, but in terms of actual friendship; I do not do well with commitment, still working on the letting people in and totally trusting them part. But I have certain people I can atleast vouch for…even though I know not everyone likes me.

But basically I’m thankful for some of my classmates. A few of the know me to an extent, others I believe are just in my life so I can learn to tolerate people like them. I have a good feeling about December and the lord knows I am excited and kinda petrified at the same time when I think of next year.

Overall this year has taught me so many lessons; tolerance, patience, not to hurt people even when I have the power to, responsibility (still working on that), doing the right thing…mostly, surviving through the hardest of situations without drawing an audience to you. Being diligent in your work, but not letting it drown you in the process.

Finally to God for bringing the right people in my life when I need them the most, also using some of them to teach me a lesson. For life, and health and my family. Not the best christian, but it doesn’t stop him from taking care of me and ordering my steps despite my stubborness, so I’m grateful for that.

I wonder how many people actually read this whole article. But still, I’m thankful for the little audience I have paying attention to this spontaneous blog of mine, yes you.

Thank you, and cheers.

Promise Toyo


4 thoughts on “December daily piece- Letter A

  1. Are you actually going to go through the alphabet. Will there be enough things to be thankful for seeing you already have a long list here. Well, I am thankful for you, for your outlook on life, your passion about your (soon-to-be) profession, and for being a good example. I almost forgot to include your comments on my blog. Yes, I appreciate you!


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