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Letter C



The rhythmic manner in which her hips swayed

The perfect smile with mischief at its corners.

How much his soul prayed

That they would bridge the gap that made them foreigners

Her voice was a divine melody

Forcing devotion even in the hardest of hearts

Her mind, an encyclopedic panoply

Her intelligence and wit sets her apart

But to him her beauty laid in her chaos

How she carried her imperfections like a trophy

A single conversation with her could change the heinous

When she fell, she would laugh at herself before the idea came to any

It was her never ending smile even on her worst days

How she fought her battles without drawing an audience

Her effortless gait teased him in so many ways

It was her pure, chaotic, ethereal essence

Fitting perfectly like pieces in a puzzle

It was her charisma

The result of her soul and mind in their endless tussle

Promise Toyo


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