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Letter D



Illusion, your smiles are nothing but a mirage
Veiling the truth behind the screen

Your perfectly planned and selected collage
All a ploy to give a false perception of  self esteem

You combine with societal ideology of perfection
To tell me that your well edited dream life is better than my reality

And yet I’m no saint, as I play a part in the cycle of deception
A secret linger on the idea of the life behind the screen and its actuality

Your self worth curtailed to a quota of heart shapes
Repletion derived from appraisals of faceless admirers

But the unavoidable percuss of life welcomes us back
The fulgent screen only a mere temporary guile to our insatiate minds

Yearning for the life in our hearts’ reverie
Forcing us to return to the screen, to continue the cycle of deceit

Promise Toyo


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