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Letter E


He felt his heart drop, and it took him a few seconds
to realize that the loud thud came from his satchel hitting
the hard wooden floor. She smiled at him, life slowly draining
from her pale, gaunt face with nothing but hollowed cheeks left,
the stain of crimson red on the floor dripped from the dark red pool
formed on her faded, black, flower-patterned dress, it was her favorite
dress. Like an invisible force pushed him he sprinted to her side. Clasping
her cold hand which were stained with dark red. His eyes wandered the room
frantically till they fell upon the glock 22, previously in the drawer. He looked at
her, the unwavering smile of satisfaction on her face sent chills down his spine as
the only question that echoed repeatedly in his mind made manifest ‘Why?’ he said
softly like speaking louder would only shorten the little time she had left.  ‘I couldn’t
do what they wanted, they wanted me to hurt you’ her voice was wheezy, every word
sounded like it was her last ‘I could’ve helped, we could’ve fought this…’ he heard
the plea in his voice as he clasped her hand tighter ‘ beautiful brave warrior’
her right arm shakily found its way to his face, wet with tears ‘ There is no war
to be fought, there is no saving me, I see it in your eyes…the appointments
and numerous pills that do nothing but remind  us of my pain, our pain’
‘I never complained, I ju -I just wanted you to get better..’ he shook
visibly,  catching her hand as it fell from his face ‘no….not yet, I
have no one else…’, he tried lifting her but her grip tightened
as she spoke the next words ‘ you do not need  anyone, your
kindness and strength are enough, they are my demons’

‘They were mine to fight, and every time we think we won all I did
was go back to the screams, scratching, cutting, and all I wanted to do
was harm you, my beautiful baby…I had to escape, and this was the only
way’ she coughed with strain. He watched her breath her last, and he heard
the uttermost sigh of satisfaction as life left her, her eyes slowly rolled to
the back of her head, and all that was left was the endearing smile of a
woman who had been freed of all her demons…

Promise Toyo



Today’s theme means a lot to me, I have a presentation in a few days on mental or psychiatric disorders; and from my in depth research I see all the battles that people suffering from these disorders undergo and some resort to suicide. My heart sincerely goes out to everyone of them, may God give each and everyone of you the strength you need to fight all your battles.

Really sorry I keep completing my challenges late. Have exams in a few days so I’m trying to balance everything out. Thank you for your time.


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