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His words felt like a knife being plunged into her heart and twisted over and over, the pain in her chest was piercing. She swallowed hard, trying not to hyperventilate.Her stomach clenched into a knot and her eyes began to water. She had been trying to avoid this, she had done everything, her mind raced as she thought of every possible thing she could’ve done wrong.

She didn’t know which scared her the most, the words he spoke or the blank, emotionless expression he kept as he said them. His demeanor was without care, like he was having a casual conversation. He turned towards the door and started to walk away, her heart was beating faster…she couldn’t just let him leave like that.

“You can’t just walk away from me!!!” She snapped, not realizing when the words came out and yelling more that she meant to. He stopped but made no move to look at her.

“At least tell me why?” she managed to speak, the sudden pain in her chest making it harder to breathe “Did I do something? Is this about the fight? Or is it..”

“Let’s not do this…” he cut her short, his voice monotonous, he sighed still motionless.

She wanted to yell, plead, anything to make it stop but she felt a sudden numbness. She had had enough, she was worn out, exhausted from the constant struggle to salvage whatever they had. He never fought for her, for them…every will to protest had drained out of her.

She walked past him towards the door, every step felt like her skin was being torn off her body. She gritted her teeth to fight back the tears that threatened to flow endlessly as she twisted the door knob, its cold hard steel piercing into her palms . She swung the door wide open. A shocked expression appeared on his face but merely for a split second as he went back to his calm, emotionless demeanor.

He walked towards the door and she held her breath, not willing to inhale his scent; the lilac scent that used to fill her up and take her to unimaginable places, that probably filled every corner of her room, now would only bring back this horrible feeling. She shut her door behind him, the silence was welcoming. Her legs shook; too weak to keep her up and she collapsed, the pain from the fall was comforting compared to the one she felt.

She had freed herself, she told herself over and over…lingering on the thought that she had escaped a dreadful future rather than let go of the only piece of happiness she could’ve had.


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