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I watched her, envious of her

dress as it wrapped around her body

touching every bit of her. I was jealous of

the bed she laid in, it got to feel the warmth of

her body. I envied her phone, it got the privileged to

feel her touch, and listen to her speak, the soothing sound

of her voice echoing through its form. I watched her sleep and

I became envious of her dreams, they were her solitude from reality.

And here I was  trying to find  such solitude  as  I kept my eyes

peeled on her, tracing every perfect detail of her body, she

was my very own treasure. And at that moment I had

realized  why I  really  never  could stay  asleep,

she  was  my reality,  and  my reality had

become better than my dreams. I

watched her, I needed her.


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