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It had been a week since he killed Sharon, he had managed to convince the police she was missing not dead-yet. Jay stared at the beautiful view of the ocean. What bothered him the most was their son, Damian had not yet asked of his mother.

“Damian?” Jay walked beside the boy, who busied himself with his toys, and lowered himself to meet his gaze. “Is there anything you’ve been wanting to ask daddy about?”

“Well…not really. I’m just wondering why mom keeps standing behind you covered in red paint…and she looks really angry”


Genre; Thriller

Word count; 100

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11 thoughts on “Question

  1. Dear Promise,

    That was pretty creepy. I think he’s in for trouble. Well done.



    PS One teeny tiny request. When posting an FF story, could you also post the photo prompt? It’s the tie that binds this group. 😉 Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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