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Die Twice

The shrill jangle of the door bell filled the house, this wasn’t a surprise to him

since he had been expecting her at some point after the books had been published.

“Ethan! Ethan!” her voice echoed, it sounded like she was trying to bring the

house down. He watched her from the top of the stairs for a while; she looked

so much like Stephanie, her dark hair, brown glossy skin, even the way she flared

her arms frantically. “I’m over here” he said with a sigh walking down to meet her.

She quickly straightened up, probably not realizing he had been staring at her. She

held up a book at him and walked closer “why?! who gave you the right?! these were her

private memoirs!” she frantically pulled the backpack she had hung over her right

shoulder, unzipped it and turned it upside down as more books spilled out.”What made

you think you could just go and make this public?”. He tilted his head to the side and

arched his right eyebrow as he glared at her, obviously making her uncomfortable as she

shifted nervously “Well?”. He shook his head and walked past her “she asked me to” he

breathed out the words sounding exasperated “I’m pretty sure I would know if my sister

wanted them published” she started. “Would you?” he snapped “would you really?” he

turned to look at her “cause you never came to see her at the hospital…she needed you

then and you were nowhere to be found, so why act like you care all of a sudden?” she

looked down, visibly ashamed only for a brief second as she looked back at him ready to

speak but he wasn’t going to let her “a week before she died, I sat by her bed side in the

hospital and held her hand. She told me how she wished she had never been too worried

if she would fail as a writer and just published at least a book or something…she said she

regretted not doing more with her life, she felt like a disappointment… my Stephanie a

disappointment” he stopped, he hadn’t realized he had been crying till he felt the cold

tear drop flow down his cheek” you know what else she told me?” he walked over to the

stool nearby, grabbed a glass and a Mouton Cadet and poured himself a drink. He paused

staring at the painting above the stool. It was abstract and had a fierce mix of bright

colors, he spoke sounding like he had been lost in the world of the art that stole his

attention “she looked at me and she said ‘you know Ethan, humans really die twice,

everyone dies- but not everyone dies twice; the first time you die is when they bury you

in the grave, second time is the last time someone mentions your name or the moment

your story stops being told.” he forced out a laugh and took a sip of the wine before

meeting her gaze “Is that why you published the books? she won’t even be alive to

receive recognition” the words left her mouth carelessly like she was mocking her sister,

and it pissed him off “Damn the awards! At least people will know there was a Stephanie

Cole out there….And as a matter of fact yes! That’s why I published the books” he licked

his lips not shifting his gaze as he spoke the next words, every word was like oxygen to

him, he lived them”I already let her die once, I’m not letting her die a second time”.

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