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The Freewheeling series- Artisode #5

I know I have not been consistent. . . And I have no excuse, honestly. . . I’m just going through a weird phase, but here’s another episode.

If you’re new, thank you so much for your time. This is just an artisode from the TFW series, for pervious episodes check out TFW series- Artisode #1, artisode #2, artisode #3, artisode #4. . .  For those of you that have been following the series, thank you so much🙏🙏🙏 This means a lot. Alright, let’s begin. . Shall we?

Artisode #5 – Chaos 


Aileen could hear her heart pounding, it felt like she was experiencing cardiac arrhythmia. She ran, following Nixon and the others closely.  Apparently there were no rules to the game except crossing the finish line first with all your team mates and not physically controlling and opponent with your powers… Each team tried to knock each other out so as to slow their opponents down.

Before the race started she tried to explain to Nixon that she didn’t know how the ability thingy worked, he had brushed it off by saying ” If you’re in this camp its because you got caught using your abilities…so this isn’t the time to act naive”.

All around, the campers that weren’t competing sat on bleachers and cheered.It felt like it was the Olympics, the obstacle course took up a space as big as a stadium.

The competition officially started with Alex pressing his favorite blow horn, and after almost getting killed twice with flying rocks the other teams realized that Aileen had no idea what she was doing and she became their target.

She could barely even run, all her team mates were ahead, and every now and then some form of object came flying towards her …it’s times like this she regret skipping most PE classes; Chloe would probably laugh her heart out if she saw Aileen right now.

Her and her teammates got to the bridge with the swinging weapons; axes, blades, a ball covered in spikes. Maxwell went first, his hands waved in the direction of the pile of disc shaped stones, he formed his hands into fists and five stones levitated and began to change shape into cylinders cut in half from top to bottom….He pulled his arms inward and the stones flew straight towards him. They wrapped his body like a handmade armor. One of the stones formed around his head like a helmet, leaving space for his eyes, nose, and mouth.

He ran across the bridge using his arms to block his face…. once in a while the swinging blades and axes collided with his stone armor, but never did any real damage and he made it across.

Blanche was next, she ran straight towards the bridge and  flew into a cartwheel, as she scaled past the first blade, her movements were swift and smooth, she  ran forward stopping right before an axe swung past her, merely inches to her face… her breaths were fast and raspy, her hair which was in a neat ponytail had become a mess; with a somersault she landed on top of the swinging ball with spikes clinging to the hard steel pole as it swung, for some reason it made Aileen think of ‘Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus’. She jumped off the ball, past the next axes and rolled unto plain ground. She got up and kept running like nothing happened.

Zachary went forward immediately and jumped on one of the swinging axes, he crouched and placed his hand on the steel. Aileen was a little confused until his body began to change form; starting from his fingers traces of metal enveloped his body. He absorbed the metal, holding unto it till his body was complete steel, every part of his body that had been skin was now metal. Without hesitation he ran forward deflecting every  blade or spike that touched him, he raised his hands up to block his face from the rock other teams threw at him.

Aileen looked around and saw other campers approaching in teams like a pack of savages, most of them eyed her hungrily…it was like they fed on terror and she was a buffet of it. She turned to her side to find Nixon getting ready to go, she held his arm startling him as he looked at her a little confused. “What are-”

“Nix, I can’t do this…” she blurted.


“Please just listen” she held on tighter so he wouldn’t move “I only found out about all of this a few days ago, I don’t even know how my powers work” she spilled the words out like a rap song, stopping to catch her breath.

He looked at her, furrowed his eyebrows, looked at the ground for a while then at the obstacle course and back at her. He searched her eyes like he was trying to find something, with a sigh he picked her off the ground and flung her over his shoulder much to her dismay. “What the hell?!” she shrieked, wiggling her body.

“Do you want my help or not?” he asked rather calmly, he didn’t give her much room to argue and added “we don’t have much time, you can scold me when we win…just keep your head down”.

He ran towards the contraption, and jumped on the first swinging ball of spikes, and Aileen got the chance to look down only to be greeted by red hot boiling lava “AAhhhhh!!!!” she screamed.

“What’s wrong?!” Nixon retorted clearly startled, he held on tightly to the steel pole.

“Is that real lava?!!! Why the heck is there lava??!!!” her voice sounded like a cat being blended.

“Oh God” the exasperation in his voice wasn’t comforting “Well we wouldn’t to find out, would we? I’m trying to concentrate here” he felt Aileen visibly shaking and sighed realizing a terrified girl over his shoulder wouldn’t be of much help “calm down okay? let’s just get through this” he said calmly waiting to hear her heartbeat slow.

When she was a little more calm, he jumped down from the spike ball unto the bridge and ran towards the other side, dodging spikes, and swinging axes, with Aileen screaming at every little thing. As he approached the other side, the blades were larger and lower and in one swift motion he lifted Aileen off his shoulder and she fell into his arms, a mischievous smile greeted her perplexed expression “see you in a bit” he said, and without giving her a time to process the situation he threw her in the air.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!!!” she yelled, her arms waving uncontrollably as she flew over the next two sets of axe, Nixon ran and dropped to the floor sliding beneath the axes fast enough to get back to his feet and catch Aileen who was wide eyed, without stopping he jumped over a low swinging blade and rolled on to bare ground.

He could hear Aileen hyperventilating on top of him as he laid there trying to catch his breath, he laughed throatily at the look on her face slowly sitting up once she got off him. “You asshole!!” she snapped , her hair was all messed up, her lips formed into a pout only causing him to laugh even harder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…okay? if i told you the plan you would’ve talked me out of it….come onnnnn we made it, plus you’ve got to admit it was fun” he smiled, and his eyes lit up showing a hint of green under the sun rays. Aileen shook her head and looked away but not before she gave him a brief smile, which she tried to hold back. He got up to his feet, and she did the same patting the dust off her pants.

“What’s the hold up guys!!!!!????” Max yelled halfway up the wall as a rock flew towards him and deflected off his helmet, he still had the stone armor on. He looked really upset as he spoke “this isn’t the time to play knight in shining armor, we’ve got a game to win!!!!” another rocky disc approached him and he held up his left hand stopping it mid air, he formed a fist and the rock melted, the black, thick, liquid fell to the ground.

The others were already on the top of the wall, it seemed her team was in the lead. Well they would be if Aileen wasn’t drawing Nix back. Max seemed totally in control, he’s probably one of those that used their powers since he could say ‘mama’ Aileen thought a little bit of envy seeping in.

“You ready?” Nixon spoke walking backwards heading for the wall, his eyes still on Aileen. She rolled her eyes and with a sigh started to follow “Not like I have a choice”

“Come one greenhorn, we’re almost there” he said with a chuckle, turned and ran off leaving behind a confused Aileen.

“Greenhorn?” she figured she’d ask him about it later and quickened her pace, trying to prepare herself for what was next.



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