About Teen Spirit

Teen spirit is a medium through which I express myself and thoughts on topics. Here we discuss various topics that are relate able. I try my best to gather as much information, and do as much research as I can before I post on a topic so as to be credible and original. To be clear I do not solely write based on my opinion, but i ask questions and do my research and try to be as neutral as possible, though sometimes I may slip in my own view of the topic.

Teen spirit was an idea I had for a long time but put into work on the 7th January 2016. I want a medium of expression for everyone, a place where you can gain insight on topics and apply them on a day to day life (I sound like a professor). Like the saying goes ‘you will only be a teenager once in your life’ at least I think people say that. So i decided to make the most of it, before it all fades away.

For any questions or comment or more information, you can reach us by email teenspiritlink@gmail.com

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