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The Freewheeling series- Artisode #5

“AAhhhhh!!!!” she screamed.

“What’s wrong?!” Nixon retorted clearly startled, he held on tightly to the steel pole.

“Is that real lava?!!! Why the heck is there lava??!!!” her voice sounded like a cat being blended.

“Oh God” the exasperation in his voice wasn’t comforting “Well we wouldn’t to find out, would we? I’m trying to concentrate here”

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Letter E

the stain of crimson red on the floor dripped from the dark red pool
formed on her faded, white, flower-patterned dress, it was her favorite
dress. Like an invisible force pushed him he sprinted to her side. Clasping
her cold hand which were stained with dark red. His eyes wandered the room
frantically till they fell upon the glock 22, previously in the drawer. He looked at
her, the unwavering smile of satisfaction on her face sent chills down his spine

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A tale of doubt

“No!” Ashley swatted his hands away “I don’t want to..I’m not going anywhere till you tell me what we’re doing in the woods” she struggled, trying to pull away but his grip tighten and he yanked her towards him effortlessly “No, Bryan let go of me” she was terrified now…her mind could already phathom what was going to happen, or even possible bad thing that could happen… Her mum was right, she needed to get away.