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Top 10 Social Media Challenge That Do More Harm Than Good

I am literally freaking out as I am writing this, We can only pray for the best in the world we live in. There a lot of people trying to get killed out there all in the name of doing a challenge. There are so many crazy challenges on the social media, but before I go on comment down below and tell me the social media you use, face book (they have started upgrading), snapchat, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, kingschat, yo!, viber, we chat (if anyone actually uses that) and the list goes on. I have gone around and searched and come up with my top ten dumbest challenges, which are not only silly, and a waste of time but also very dangerous and life threatening. People should be careful of what they do and what their families, kids or relatives do, life is really precious, don’t waste it for a few likes on the internet.

Okay Prominators (I really need to come up with a better name)…so I will start from the least dangerous to the most dangerous, some people will be familiar with some of the challenges, so we’re counting in descending order.

10.DIET COKE & MENTOS CHALLENGE.  Remember that little experiment where you buy a bottle of diet coke a piece of mentos into it and it bubbles up and explode out of the can? Well imagine doing that, but this time you drink the coke and take the mentos at the same time. This messes with the digestive tract and can result in the individual spewing out foam and liquid. It can be dangerous to the health and has been rumored to cause stomach explosion.

multiple coke reuptions.jpg

9.CINNAMON CHALLENGE. This challenged originally started online in 2001 and resurfaced again in 200. It involves an individual trying to swallow a spoon of cinnamon in 60 seconds(trust me its not as easy as it sounds). This causes such individual to choke, cough, and gag leading to health issues pneumonia, breathing difficulties and even collapsing of the lungs.

8.CAR SURFING. In this challenge an individual climbs to the top of a moving vehicle and literally surfs while another person drives with increasing speed every second. Most people try this challenge without any driver to control the vehicle, this leads to crashes, accidents, injuries and death. Probably should be listed in ‘1000 ways to die’ [love that tv show].

7.CONDOM CHALLENGE. Most people are familiar with this challenge, yet oblivious to its deadly consequences. In this challenge a condom is filled with water and dropped on the head of an individual and it basically covers their head like a mask. Within few seconds the condom is expected to burst, although most times it doesn’t always go as planned. Individuals end up choking, and drowning in the water (apparently we’re not fishes and cannot breathe in water) and some death cases have been recorded as a result.

6. CACTUS EATING CHALLENGE. Yes, you read that right. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Apparently some people think its fun and challenging to eat cactus. Individuals try to eat a cactus, not sure what they are proving or what the prize is but each person tries eating a bigger and bigger cactus. This leaves your mouth completely wounded and covered in blood. You would literally look like Damon after a kill (Vampire Diaries Reference), not cool. Aside from the blood bath that was formerly a mouth, the individual cannot eat or drink fluids because the thorns have already gone into the system, causing damage to the organs. Drinks or food would only irritate it and increase the pain.

Before we go on to the top 5…we obviously cannot ignore the other challenges that manage to ruin lives; The Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the garlic challenge, the warheads challenge (and no this has nothing to do with actual war, its just candy), the salt and ice challenge, the plank challenge, the boiling water challenge, the fire challenge (people literally set themselves on fire)…etc

5.GHOST/HOT PEPPER CHALLENGE. This is a challenge where individuals try to eat the hottest pepper they can find according to a hotness scale called the scoville heat index. According to this scale, the carolina reaper pepper is the hottest pepper of about 1.6million scovial heat units. Eating this pepper causes individuals to cry, vomits, cough, and even hallucinate. In this situation, no amount of milk can help you.


4.THE GAME OF 72. This is not only dangerous, but also wastes the time and resources of the police, and gets a lot of people into trouble. This is when kids run away without telling any one to purposely try and disappear for three days. These kids are exposed to all sorts of dangers, their parents are worried sick, the police wastes so much time looking for some one that doesn’t want to be found, but rather thinks its a joke. The worst part is relatives, neighbors, and people get arrested as suspects for the disappearance of that child.


3.THE ERASER CHALLENGE. This game leaves its players bruised and cut. Here, individuals erase their skin continuously while saying a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. The cuts and bruises most times end up point deep, and gets infected due to the bits of eraser particles that get into the wounded area under the skin. Yikes!!

eraser challenge.jpg

2.COCAINE CHALLENGE. Yes, cocaine, the drug. When I first heard of this all I could think of was wwhhhyyyy?????? why? why? why? Do people just want to go to jail for the fun of it? This challenge is not only stupid but risky, and could ruin a person’s life, I’m talking criminal records. People post videos of them taking as much cocaine as they possibly can (ON THE INTERNET WITH GPS AND EVERYTHING!!!), and then nominate their friends to try it out. It’s like they are begging to be arrested, and some people actually get arrested.


1.THE CHOKING GAME/FAINTING CHALLENGE. These are two different challenges with the same goals, trying to get unconscious. In the fainting challenge a person pushes against an individual’s chest as they stand against a wall, the aim is to apply pressure on the lungs to get rid of air causing them to pass out. Meanwhile, in the choking game someone chokes an individual by squeezing their neck, or they choke themselves by using objects to strangle themselves till they pass out. This challenge is by far the deadliest as it has taken the life of more than fifty people so far.

choking game deaths.jpg

We should all learn to be careful, why can’t we come up with a GRADUATE FROM UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE or FINISH THE BIBLE CHALLENGE or BEST MOTHER’S DAY GIFT CHALLENGE ?? I mean those sound awesome and benefiting. Look at the horrible things people are doing to themselves in the name of a silly online challenge, and the list goes on. All I can say is be careful, do not try this for any reason, it is not worth it. Have a blessed week, and an awesome valentine.!!! I literally worked on this almost all night…the least you can do is like, share, and comment. Big Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read my articles, and comment and like, love you all so much.

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